May 18, 2011

Yiu Yiu’s birthday party this year

On the way to the Empire Shopping Gallery for her kindy mate’s birthday party recently, I had this conversation with Yiu Yiu:

Yiu Yiu: Mummy, this year I want to celebrate my birthday in a very special place. Can you guess where’s the place?
Mummy: Sure it’s Jungle Gym la.
Yiu Yiu: No!
Mummy: No? Hmm…then it must be McDonald’s la (she likes McDonald’s, though we visit it very infrequently).
Yiu Yiu: No!
Mummy: Huh?!! No again?!! Then where can it be? At your school?
Yiu Yiu: No!
Mummy: Huh?!! No again?!! Aiyo! Then you have to tell me, coz I really don’t know.
Yiu Yiu: I want to have my birthday party at our house’s playground.
Mummy: Haha…are you serious?
Yiu Yiu: Yes.

It doesn’t seem like a tall order. The playground has few see-saws, swings, and a huge equipment with slides and apparatus for climbing, and crawling, which should be enough to keep the children occupied. But it being a public playground, I'm not sure if parents would mind. And there’s the weather to think about. Hmm…


Unknown said...

very good idea! esp if you have nice new playgrounds there! i think other parents won't mind if you are prepared to give them some free snacks or party packs, hahaha... My heart always melts when kids in their innocence ask for simple things in life... because sadly, this doesn't last long... soon they will be exposed to materialism, etc etc

MeRy said...

Nice place to celebrate Birthday.

A Mom's Diary said...

Irene - what's a party without food and party packs, eh? :-) So I should seriously consider this?

MeRy - another supporter?