November 05, 2011

Birthday outing

I reminded Yiu Yiu on Monday night to quickly shower, have her lunch and complete her homework on Tuesday, as I would be taking her out on an outing.  I’ve not really had many mother-daughter outing with her alone, so this was definitely one of the first few, if not the first!  She was so looking forward to it and got herself ready in record time after school.

Our first destination was Megakidz.  We practically had the whole play area to ourselves – there was only a bunch of teenagers and two other young boys.  But Yiu Yiu soon got bored, probably because she was playing alone.

We then went for ice-cream, before going to ToysRUs to let her choose her birthday present.  This is definitely the first time we bought her toys for her birthday!  She chose a Princess theme board game, and I bought her another set of beads toy.  She was thoughtful enough to ask for another set of the beads toy for her mei-mei.  And since we are member of Star Card, we got a RM30 voucher which can be redeemed if we purchase above RM150, so I got them a set of PlayDoh that comes with cutters and moulds for cakes/pastries.

She also got to choose the venue for dinner and I knew she would ask for either McD or KFC, and true enough, we ended up in KFC.  She returned home a very happy girl that day.

Enjoying her KFC treat

Her birthday loot, from us and babysitter's family


Small Kucing said...

Hapy Birthday Yiu Yiu love the gold piggy bank

MeRy said...

so fun...happy belated b'day...

Cynthia said...

One on one times are so PRECIOUS aren't they? Looks like you both had an awesome time. She'll always remember this! Good on you Mum!!

Hui-Wearn said...

looks like your girl had tonnes of fun - getting to choose her presents and where to eat!

A Mom's Diary said...

small kucing - this is like her 4th or 5th piggy bank :-)

MeRy - thanks.

Cyn - yes indeed. Need to do this more often.

HW - and taking delight in reminding mummy to not make her angry/sad on her special day :-)

chinnee ( said...

simple gift and KFC is so great enough for kids already. I recently went out with a friend and her girl already own Ipad, her own phone in her own handbag, hahaha!

Kit said...

Oh, you're such a good Mom! I've been too many toys that our hall looks like a kindergarten :S

I bet she'll be happy to look back on these Mommy and me days when she'd older. The boy loves it when I take him out for a snack on the days when I have a breather...they grow up too fast, don't they?

A Mom's Diary said...

Chinnee - agree, they are happy with just simple gifts. But I've also been getting requests for iPad! Playing deaf for the time being :-)

Kit - yeah, should make 1-to-1 outings like this a regular feature but (sigh) it's so difficult since we are working full time.