November 28, 2011

Star struck

Younger sis managed to get several complimentary tickets to the My Astro on Demand (AOD) Favourites Awards 2011 since mum is a big fan so I made my way to the KL Convention Centre on last Sunday evening with mum and elder sis. We got pretty good seats, about 7 or 8 rows from the front.

This was the first time I attended a show which was recorded for broadcast at a later date, and I found it rather amusing watching how the producer and other crew involved in the production orchestrate the audience clapping and shouting at certain parts of the show, eg. when the stars made their appearance, when the nominated actors/actresses movie clips were shown, etc.

Fourteen HK TVB artistes attended the ceremony, and I totally regretted not lugging my dSLR camera along. Anyway, here are some shots taken with my sis’ 5-year old PNS camera.

 Michael Tse (Tin Wah), Wayne Lai (Siu Cheong), Vincent Wong (Ho Shun)

 Kevin Cheng (Kar Weng), Ron Ng (Cheuk Hei), Raymond Wong (Ho Yin)

 Myolie Wu (Hang Yee), Tavia Yeung (Yi)

 Sharon Chan (Mun Zhi), Kate Tsui (Chi San)

 Michael Tse (Tin Wah) belting out the winning My Favourite Drama Theme Song

The cast from the winning My Favourite Drama Series, Ghetto Justice (怒火街頭) with the two emcees for the night

Psst...the only reason I know all these names is because we are given a program booklet with names of all the nominated stars and drama series :-)


Small Kucing said...

wow so many stars....certainly a delightful event

KittyMom said...

Hahaha, I was just gonna comment how expert you are to know each and every artiste's name!

I don't even know any of them - are they HK or Malaysian stars?

Is Michael Tse related to Patrick Tse?

WK Liew said...

Eh not bad la my 5 yo camera, can still take some decent pix :)

A Mom's Diary said...

smallkucing - actually, it was a really simple affair. There wasn't even anyone presenting the awards to the stars, except towards the end when the "bigger" awards were announced.

Kittycat - I probably know the names of half of them :-) They are all HK TVB stars la.

No, don't think Michael Tse is related to Patrick Tse.

WK - passable la