November 22, 2011

Final year-end party

As usual, Yiu Yiu’s kindly organized the year-end party on the last day of school. This year’s theme was “Circus” and she had initially wanted to go as a clown but since we couldn’t find a clown costume for her, she settled for being a magician, a very pretty one (ahem! ahem!).

We bought some roses for her to give to all the teachers in the kindy as a token of appreciation for having taken good care of her the last three years. I should have prepared some special gifts for the few teachers who taught her, but I didn’t...oh well!

With her two favourite teachers, Teacher Esther (4yo class teacher) and Teacher Kathleen (5yo class teacher)

With Teacher Nyin Yin (6yo class teacher) and the principal, Teacher Stephanie

I sent her to kindy in the morning, but instead of leaving when they start eating, I stayed on for the entire party.


"We are best friends forever!"

After the children finished eating, Teacher Esther and Teacher Kathleen, dressed as clowns, went on stage to crack some jokes and led the children in some dance movements, followed by games for children of different age groups.

 Doing the macarena

School was dismissed at 11am, and that marked the end of a chapter in Yiu Yiu’s life.

Petunia class in the costumes


Small Kucing said...

she is such a pretty magician

WK Liew said...

Looking at these photos bring tears to my eyes............time really flies, she is going to Std 1soon.

I am sure she has enjoyed herself a lot in this kindy all these years :)

Unknown said...

Yiu Yiu looks scared of Teacher Nyin yin in the picture, hehehe... hope the kids still remember each other when they grow up.. thank goodness for mommies who keep their blog. HAha!

chinnee ( said...

Yiu Yiu IS a very pretty magician!

A Mom's Diary said...

Small kucing/Chinnee - thanks...:-)

WK - I'm sure she did, and made good friends

Irene - yeah man, too bad they are going to different schools next year. And even if they go to the same school, they are in different classes!

KittyMom said...

A very pretty and grand looking magician indeed!

Why did she want to be a clown? I thought that's a really cute choice since most girls want to be a ballerina or princess.

You're sounding really cool and calm about her finishing kindy. I don't think I'm ready for the kiddo to start Std. 1 yet!

A Mom's Diary said...

Kittycat - I guess it's because she likes to make funny faces and antics to make people laugh :-)

Is Lucas starting Std 1 back in Penang?