August 19, 2012

Day 3 in Koh Samui – Chilling by the pool and beach

We had a leisurely breakfast and took time to walk around the resort and snap pictures.

Girls waiting for their fried eggs

Enjoying their breakfast

We then spent the whole morning at the pool.

Before spending the rest of the afternoon at the beach.

 View of the hotel from the beach

 Crystal clear water - can you spot the two fishes?

Vendors selling snacks by the beach - papaya salad, grilled chicken/fish and pineapple 

This girl loves the sea 

While this scaredy cat was contented just playing sand and not going into the water

Rounded up the day with dinner at Chaweng Beach, before getting ready to head for home the next day.


chinnee ( said...

you all had such a great holiday. hey, you very adventurous...going to places like this with small kids. I no longer dare to travel with my boys, so difficult to manage the both of them.

Kit said...

Nice photos! Yiu Yiu looks so much like you :)

Yan Yan is definitely the baby of the family LOL

A Mom's Diary said...

Chin Nee - haha...yeah, what to do, I love to travel and I try not to leave them behind if I can. Things will get easier for you in 1-2 years when your twins are bigger.

Kit - Yiu Yiu is a mini me :-) Yan Yan is looking more like her jie-jie too, as she grows.

zmm said...

The sea is really crystal clear!!