August 03, 2012

Yan Yan at three

When Yiu Yiu was born, I wrote down every milestone and always had a camera in hand.  Every memory was captured, every moment cherished, every achievement applauded.  With Yan Yan, sure, I still take photos but we didn't seem to have the time to take quite so many, or mark so many milestones.  When I look into my external hard disk the other day, my second born probably has only a quarter as many photos as her jie-jie.  So you’re looking at a very guilty second time mum here L

So as Yan Yan turned three, I reckoned I had better dedicate a post to her J

Many say she’s growing up looking very much like her jie-jie, and another mini mummy.  Do you agree?

At three, she's holding her own in conversations, and loves to chip in into our conversations by throwing in a question of statement here and there.  One of my favourites is the way she says “Oh yeah!” when we offer her an explanation which she seemingly know.  When she’s in a good mood, she’s ever ready to say “Sorry” when she does something wrong but when the stubborn bug bites, she would just refuse to acknowledge her mistakes.

She can remember entire songs, even Negaraku and 1Malaysia that she hears her jie-jie sing, but of course she doesn’t get all the syllables correct.  At one point, she was obsessesd with watching her jie-jie’s 6-year old graduation ceremony and she could memorize the English welcome speech delivered by one of the students.  She loves dancing too, and always asks to watch a particular VCD of children singing and dancing, and she’ll just boogey along.  She also loves to imitate her jie-jie gymrama moves.

She loves school, and has repeatedly asked to go to school.  We drive past a kindergarten every morning on the way to the babysitter and she always remembers to point that out to me.  Lets hope her enthusiasm is sustained when we actually enrolls her into kindy next year.

She can take off her own clothes and loves choosing her clothes to wear.  She’s also very vain, and can change clothes up to 4-5 times daily.  She tries to stretch her nap time till evening, probably because there are so many distractions at babysitter’s house with three older children keeping her company when they get back from school.  She typically falls asleep around 5+ in the evening despite waking up around 7+ every morning.

At meal times, she can eat as much as her jie-jie, but then again, it could be because her jie-jie eats rather little.  She loves eating fruits and vegetables, and for that, I’m glad.

Since jie-jie sleeps earlier than her these days (coz jie-jie is tired out from being away from home since early morning at daycare), I enjoy the quiet late night moments spent with her.  We will just lie on the bed, with her snuggling close to me and showering my face with kisses.  Or just sitting side by side with her listening to stories on iPad while I go online/work on my laptop.  These are truly precious one-to-one moments with her which I very much cherish.


Hui-Wearn said...

She sure looks like you!

WK Liew said...

I enjoy our rare phone conversations and I love to hear her say 'Naymind' and 'I noonno' ;)

A Mom's Diary said...

HW - she's looking more like me as she grows :-)

WK - Naymind la naymind time ask her to call you more la :-)