August 06, 2012

School sports day

We were informed about Yiu Yiu’s participation in her school sport’s day just one day prior to the event.  We weren't informed of the sports day earlier - probably the school only sent invitations to parents of participating students.  She wasn’t slated to participate but due to an extremely unfortunate incident that befell her classmate, she was asked to stand in for her classmate.  Unfortunately I had to fly to Langkawi for work that morning so I missed her first sports day in primary school L

The usual red, yellow, blue and green sports houses

There's also a purple house

There are performances by the school band and taekwando club.

The older children participated in the usual athletics events like sprints and relay, while the smaller children had telematch games.

Yiu Yiu in action 

Oppsie...dropped the ring

Waiting for their teammates to complete their turns

Her class apparently came up last in the event – she wasn’t too disappointed.  That’s good and I keep reminding her that participating is more important than winning.


Unknown said...

Wow, how did you manage to get such great photos of Yiu Yiu in action?

A Mom's Diary said...

Irene - I think it's because hubby put on a muka tembok and went near to where the event was taking place. Plus he used a zoom lens. Were you there?