June 16, 2007

PPP Direct

I received an email from PayPerPost at the end of May with the title "Your Blog is Approved for PPP Direct". I was obviously curious but as I was extremely busy with work then, I simply filed the email under my "To Read Later" folder and almost completely forgotten about it. I was trying to clear my mailbox recently and stumbled upon the email. Since I had some time, I decided to find out more about PPP Direct.

With PPP Direct, you can make money by having advertisers contact you directly should the advertisers are interested to get you to write special blog posts. And you dictate the amount you want to be paid for those posts, perhaps with some negotiation with the advertisers sometimes. What's so cool about PPP Direct is that it only charges a 10% service fee, of which nearly 5% goes towards PayPal and credit card fees. Compare this with other establishments that charge between 50-100% mark-up on your post. This way, you are essentially cutting out the middleman in transactions that are driven by your blog because it simply makes no sense to pay someone else when the advertisers came to you direct and not through anyone else.

If you wish to be contacted directly by advertisers, all you need to do is to stick a PPP Direct widget on your blog. When an advertiser finds your blog and decides they'd like you to write something, they just click on the badge attached to the widget and make you an offer. So what are you waiting for? Download your widget now and sit back and wait for advertisers to come your way.

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