June 25, 2007


Yiu Yiu developed slight cough last Monday but since it was just very slight, we didn't do anything about it hoping that it would resolve by itself as it usually did in the past. Well, no such luck this time as her cough got progressively worse as the week passed and she even developed fever on Wednesday. We gave her some cough syrup and paracetamol but it wasn't enough as her temperature hit 39oC on Thursday night and she was obviously bothered by her cough, despite still being her active self. We decided that it's time to consult the professional and wanted to take her to her paed first thing on Friday morning. By then, her temperature was back to normal but as we could still hear a lot of phlegm in her cough, we went ahead to visit the paed.

As we were early and the paed had yet to arrive, Yiu Yiu was happily playing with the toys at the waiting area. Surprisingly when the paed walked in, she quickly asked me to carry her and refused to let go. We were the first to be called into the consultation room and upon seeing the paed, she started crying and clinged on to me, patted at her chest and said "Pa Pa", telling me that she's afraid. Throughout the whole consultation, she was crying and refused to cooperate. I was taken aback at her reaction as she never had any fear of the doctor. I'm not sure if she remembered her last visit there, when she was given her vaccination. Maybe she still remembered the pain of the injection and associated the paed with such pain.

Anyhow, it turned out to be just upper respiratory infection and her lungs were clear and there was no wheezing, despite the troublesome phlegm. We went home with Augmentin, Ventolin, paracetamol and something for her cough.


jazzmint said...

poor thing, looks like a sick season for all :(.

hope she gets well soon

A Mom's Diary said...

thanks for the well wishes jazz. she's much better now. still have slight cough but otherwise back to her usual active self.