June 26, 2007

Taking medicines

It's been a long time since Yiu Yiu last got sick. In fact, if I can recall, her visits to the paed for reasons other than vaccination can be counted in only one hand. Normally her slight cough and cold would resolved by itself after a day or two without needing any medication. Just two weeks ago, in an attempt to encourage a colleague who's facing supply issue to continue breastfeeding, I cited that Yiu Yiu, who's fully breastfed till 15 months, and is still breastfeeding, hardly got sick. What a nasty twist of fate!

We used to struggle whenever we need to feed her medicines. Hubby had to literally hold her down tight while I force the medicine into her mouth. Not the best way to get her to take her medicine but this was the only way that worked. This time round, after visiting the paed, we sent Yiu Yiu to the babysitter as usual. She reported that perhaps Yiu Yiu had forgotten how medicine tastes like and the first time she was given the medicine, she willingly took them. However, the crafty little girl wised up and gave the babysitter a hard time when she was given the second dose.

Back home on Friday night, again she willingly took in her medicine without any coaxing. However on Saturday, after numerous persuasions, we had to again pin her and force the medicine into her. But surprisingly on Saturday night, again she complied after some cajoling. Sunday was another successful day. She just took her medicines without so much as a whimper. I hope this is sign that she has finally outgrown her dislike of medicines, not that I wished she would have to take them. At least if she needed to, we don’t have to go to the battle ground to force the medicine into her.


allthingspurple said...

ha...ha.. we are pretty violent too, when we had to administer medicine on Ashley... Well , pining her with her right arm behind my back and and holding her left hand with my left hand while spooning in with my right hand, that's pretty violent for a baby.. but like you said ,its the only way that worked!

jazzmint said...

i guess they have this love n hate relationship with the medicine :P

A Mom's Diary said...

allthingspurple, what to do. A mom has to do what a mom has to do.

Jazz, yeah...love the colour, hate the taste.