June 11, 2007

A trip to the clinic, and then some…

I totally forgot about taking Yiu Yiu for her 18-month vaccination until three weeks ago while reading an old post by Careless Mum on the same topic. That Saturday, hubby and I quickly went to the paed's clinic but to our disappointment, the paed was on leave for two weeks and would only be back by early June.

So last Saturday, I took Yiu Yiu there by myself as hubby had to work. I reached there at about 10am and was 27th on the list, and the paed was only attending to the 8th patient then. I knew I was in for a long wait, and expected so too, since this was the first weekend that the paed was open after her long break. We went for breakfast at a nearby coffee shop, and the queue had only moved by about five patients in that hour. Rather than waiting in the crowded clinic, we walked around the area and mummy stumbled upon a nearby boutique. Browsing through the clothes, I picked out a blouse and a pair of three-quarter pants. I was pleasantly surprised when the lady at the cashier told me that they were having a buy-2-free-1 promotion, and since I already had two items, I picked out the same three-quarter pants in a different colour.

It was slightly past 12 noon when we went back to the clinic and there were still about 8 patients ahead of Yiu Yiu. We waited close to another hour before it was finally her turn. She cried just a little when the jab was administered but was back to her cheerful self the very next minute. The paed asked me several questions pertaining to her diet and her developmental milestones. The next visit will be at 24-months where she'll measure Yiu Yiu's height. Apparently, multiplying her height at 24-months by two will predict her height as an adult. That's certainly not good news, coz she's currently only 74 cm. I am rather short, so I'm really hoping that Yiu Yiu will not take after me. I'm not sure how much more she'll grow in the next four months or so, but I certainly hope that she can at least touch 80 cm by then, and not end up a shorty like mummy.

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