August 19, 2009

I can lift up my head

Mummy has been putting me on my tummy lately while I'm awake, in the hope that she'll be able to catch me doing this.

I've kept her waiting for few days, but today, since I was in a good mood after a yummylicious meal of breastmilk, I decided to oblige her :-)

Mummy should have known better than to put me on my tummy for a full feed...BURP!


Liew said...

Wah this mommy is very impatient.........this time ard, everything oso want fast fast to happen to the baby!!!

BoeyJoey said...

4 weeks old and already lifting her head... keep it up, Yan Yan! :-)

ryeli said...

yan yan looks different now eh but i'm still in awe with her hair! lol.

A Mom's Diary said...

WK - not impatient la, eat full nothing to do...kekeke

Boey Joey - she wants to see the world around her ma :-)

Syn - we are still in two minds whether to shave off her hair in conjunction with the fullmoon

zmm said...

That was a triumpant burp!