August 08, 2009

Spot the similarities/differences

Here's a side-by-side photo of Yiu Yiu and Yan Yan, when both were just one day old. I think they look like twins. Haha…

Can you spot the similarities? Here's what I see:

- The prominent line at the cheek (just under their eyes)
- The big nose, ala Jackie Chan :-)
- Pointed chin
- Curly hair (which is not obvious as Yan Yan's head is covered by the hood)

And now the differences:

- Yiu Yiu has a very prominent and well-defined eye brow, which was evident on the first day itself
- Yiu Yiu has a dimple on her left cheek

Did you see anything else that I didn't?

1 comment:

Liew said...

Yes another difference...........Yiu Yiu is definitely the more 'ngok' compared to Yan Yan. When she cried the whole ward can hear her!!!