August 04, 2009

What can a 7-day old baby do?

Yes, she turned sideways all by herself, at only seven days old!

Am I amazed or what?

When I gave birth to Yiu Yiu, I had to be induced and she was 11 days short of full term, whereas for Yan Yan, she's five days post-term. I'm not sure if this made a difference but Yan Yan is certainly heavier and longer than Yiu Yiu at birth. I also remember that Yiu Yiu felt really fragile and small, and I always handled her with extreme care, just in case I accidentally hurt her. With Yan Yan, she is generally more solid, feels much stronger to touch, and I never quite worry about accidentally hurting her. Is this the effect of a full-term vs early baby, or is it the wisdom of being a mother second time round?


Chinneeq said...

perhaps this time you "pou" enough? actually when baby is on full term, they absorb more nutrients from us, therefore being born more matured.

jazzmint said...

she's sure a strong baby

SnippetsWithJ said...

hi there, i happen to see your blog when i searching for bagan lalang beach.
anyway, i enjoy reading your blog, keep going!

A Mom's Diary said...

Chinnee - didn't really 'pou' much, in fact I ate better during my first pregnancy as I was having nausea until the very end of my pregnancy this round. But I remember my obstetrician then did mention that my placenta was already mature before term, and hence baby was not getting much nutrients.

Jazz - yeah, she really surprises us.

Chiahong - thanks for dropping by.

ryeli said...

wah, amazing! she looks so happy doing that too. ;)

i can't really share much with you since both my girls came out at 37 and 38 weeks. both could move their neck up in 1st month and no.2was smiling alot when she's awake starting in 1st week itself whereas my no.1 only started smiling at us whn she's 3 mths!

btw, yan-yan got so much hair!!!

LittleLamb said...

very advance!!

A Mom's Diary said...

Syn - really? Rye-Li only smiles at 3 months? So Haye-Li is generally a happier baby than her che che?

LittleLamb - yeah, we were surprised too.

Kit said...

Wahlau...she's quite advanced!