August 28, 2009

Yan Yan - 1st month update

She's now 5.05kg (she put on 1.35kg since birth) and is 54.7cm in length. I thought she didn't grow that much length-wise but her paediatrician said she's probably longer than that as she was all curled up when her length was measured. Her head circumference has increased 4cm to 38cm.

As with most newborns, she still feeds every two to three hours around the clock. And she can be really impatient when she wants to be fed, thrusting her face everywhere looking for the nipple. She suckles well and almost always choke at the beginning of the feed, when I have my let down. She also regurgitates a lot, even after burping and holding her upright for 10-15mins. It's quite distressing sometimes to see her vomiting huge portions of her feed.

In the earlier weeks, she used to have a bowel movement almost after every feed but now, she only passes motion once or twice, but each time she poos, there's really lots!

She stretches and moves her limbs about a lot when lying down, resulting in even more regurgitation. The old folks say that a stretching baby is a growing baby, as in, those who stretches a lot grow longer faster. Wonder if it's true, but then again, ALL babies stretch a lot, don't they?

She's generally quite a happy baby, and will be contented when left on her own if she's not hungry or wet. But when she gets bored, then she’ll cry out to be carried :-) She also grunts a whole lot – she grunts when she's awake, grunts when she's trying to sleep; she grunts when she's hungry, grunts when she's full; she grunts when she's lying on her back, grunts when she's lying on her tummy. I hope this is not a sign that she'll talk non-stop when she grows older :-)

She has progressed from turning sideways from a lying down position, to turning from side to side. She can also hold her head upright and lift her head when she's lying on her stomach, and turning it from side to side.

She enjoys bathing, and being massaged after her bath and when she's changed into her pyjamas at night.

She sleeps with me and Yiu Yiu on our king-size bed, while husband has been relegated to a mattress in Yiu Yiu's princess bedroom. She sleeps better and longer on her stomach so though I know it's better to let her sleep on her back due to the risk of SIDS, I've resorted to letting her sleep on her stomach when I'm desperate, i.e., when she fusses about and couldn't fall asleep for ages after a midnight feed. Thank God for making mummies light sleepers, as I'll wake up at her slightest stir to check on her.

Here are some lovely photos of Yan Yan, taken when she was 13 days old by these two talented mummies.


~LiLHypPo's mUMmy~ said...

The photos are so beautiful!! And Baby Yan Yan is progressing really well too. Don't worry too much on her regurgitation. My LilHyppo regurgitate 'til she was about 5 1/2 months old. Haha... and she's still feeding as often as Baby Yan Yan is. :D Take good care of yourself too!

Cynful Pleasure said...

nice updates and nice photos..

Liew said...

Mmmm if you show this to Yiu Yiu, she might get jealous coz you took so many pix of her mei mei.

Maybe she will also be very talkative like Yiu Yiu, then you will hv 2 smart alecks to deal wif ;)

MeRy said...

cute baby

SleeplessInKL said...

whoa! i love the shots of her in the bucket -- so annie leibovitz-y :D

ryeli said...

lovely shots! she has put on a fair bit eh esp for one who's regurgitates alot.

i also resorted in putting no. 2 to sleep on her front (out of desperation), only coz i know her neck is strong enough. it's just a mother's intuition and i took the risk (although her paed was against it) and like you said, thank God that we moms are mostly light sleepers.

she's growing up really well!

BoeyJoey said...

Those are very lovely photos... especially the one with you and Yan Yan nose-to-nose :-)

Hey, I have something for you on my blog ;-)

A Mom's Diary said...

LilHyppo's Mummy - haha, I just feel so sayang that she regurgitates all those milk out after putting in so much effort in suckling them :-)

Cynthia/MeRy - thanks.

WK - Yiu Yiu also got lots of photos, only not profesionally taken like these.

Mimi - I love the bucket shots too. Annie Leibovitz? Hmm...let me google her :-)

Syn - I'm also surprised she put on that much :-) Desperate times call for desperate measures...haha..and yeah, also bcoz her neck is strong enough.

BoeyJoey - WOW WOW WOW!!! I know what's in it for me liao. Thanks so much.

Angeleyes said...

Yan-yan has a lot of hair!
And those photos are so nice...