February 20, 2010

Bento post #118 – #123

While searching for the covered ice-cube trays, I picked up some new bento tools from Daiso – a set of heart and star cutters in various sizes, some silicon cups, and a heart shape nori puncher. It was a Sunday and that night itself, Yiu Yiu said she wanted heart shape seaweed to bring to school tomorrow. So the next morning, I prepared a simple strawberry jam sandwich cut into heart shape, and decorated with heart-shape nori. At the side are some grapes.

Chicken nugget with potato wedges, and tomato ketchup in the blue tub, with apples at the side.

French toast in the shape of dolphin and heart, with two meatballs for protein, and pieces of mandarin orange.

Pan fried chicken drummet with pan fried mini kaya bun, and grapes. Younger sis told me that Yihao only ate the grapes, coz he's not a fan of buns, and he only eats deboned chicken LOL. So if I prepare this again in future, I can give his portion a miss.

Yiu Yiu loves sushi with salmon roe. Since I didn't have any salmon roe at home, I prepared one with ham instead. She didn't like it, coz "I don't like the pink pink thing in the middle". Yihao on the other hand said, "It's simply too yummy" :-)

I woke up late, and had thought I wouldn't make anything for them that day but when I asked Yiu Yiu whether she wants noodles or Koko Krunch, to my surprise she wanted noodles. So I rushed to prepare this simple noodles dish – just blanched the noodles and toss them in thick and thin soya sauce, with a dash of oyster sauce and tomato ketchup, decorated with french beans picket fences, carrot butterflies and meatball Mr. Golden Sun. At the side are some mandarin orange pieces.


quaditi said...

u r an excellent mother.i get alot of inspiration from u. As i am new in motherhood,i am learning alot from u.Hope God give me enough strength to be a good mother.

BoeyJoey said...

I really salute you to be able to prepare such balanced bentos for Yiu Yiu in the morning. My mornings are always rushed!

Angeleyes said...

The sushi looks good!
Been a looooong time since I make sushi rolls coz I don't have time to cook the rice in the morning!

A Mom's Diary said...

Life is beautiful - thanks for dropping by, and thanks for the wonderful compliments. I hope you'll get used to life in Boston soon.

Boey Joey - I prepare food (nugget/fish finger/drummet) and freeze them. That way, the night before, I just take them out to thaw and do simple cooking/preparation in the morning.

Angeleyes - haha, I don't cook the rice in the morning. No time. I simply heat up leftover rice in the microwave.