February 04, 2010

Bento post #114 – #117

My younger sister, who has just shifted to a house several doors away from me was telling me about how her son's teacher told her that he's a picky eater, that he sometimes doesn't take the food prepared by the kindy. And the kindy actually prepares quite scrumptious food, alternating between porridge, fried noodles, bread, etc. So I volunteered to pack food for him too, on days when I pack for Yiu Yiu.

So with the little extra motivation, last week I did a little better – packed four out of five days :-)

Fried rice and butterfly shaped guava

Hard boiled egg in the shape of a fish (can you tell that it's a fish from the photo? haha), meat floss bread roll and grapes

Fish fingers with grapes

Heart shaped cheesy sausage, meat floss bread roll and grapes

Yiu Yiu seems to be eating her bento better. Most days, she would actually finish at least half the food during her 15-min break time, and the rest at babysitter's house. That's a huge improvement from last year, when her bento box would come home almost untouched. If she continues eating this way, I'll be a very happy mum.


Liew said...

Lucky Yi Hao to have er yi yi like you :). Good to hear that Yiu Yiu is eating more too

ryeli said...

now i wish i was your neighbour! lol!

good to hear yiu-yiu is eating them, at least make your effort all worthwhile. your nephew leh? i'm sure he has walloped them all.

BoeyJoey said...

I thought the guava is in the shape of rabbit initially... rupa-rupanya I mistook the butterfly wing was the rabbit's ear...

Very nice bentos... Yiu Yiu is a lucky gal. And great that she's eating better now :-)

jazzmint said...

hey haven't seen u for sometime at school...hope everything is doing well :). Nowadays I try not to walk into the school and send them to the class cause Vyktore would start crying when he sees me leave. But if I just leave them by the door, he's simply too happy O.o

A Mom's Diary said...

WK - actually his kindy serves proper food, just that he's picky

Syn - yeah, I'm happy she's eating better now. And my sister said that the portion I made for my nephew is too little :-)

Boey Joey - paiseh...these are really very simple, sans decoration.

Jazz - yeah, don't bump into you these days, but I guess you've also been travelling quite a bit. Saw your MIL several times though. I sometimes drop YY at the door too. Nowadays she's OK with me doing that - last year she'd kick up a fuss if I say I won't park and take her into the class :-)

Hui-Wearn said...


i dont bento for Evan cos he's so picky. sometimes even when i pack snacks for him for snack time, it will untouched and some other times all walloped

Angeleyes said...

Why you're not my neighbor leh???? Then I can wake up later lioa... :P

Yiu-yiu will take the bento in the kindy or at the bbsitter's house??

I dare not pack anything that has sauce or oily for Darrius coz I don't know if the teacher is kind enough to help him wash his hands after his snack time.

Liew said...

Your doter is 'senior' already so maybe she will be embarassed that Mommy has to walk her to her class ;).

Also she is older now and a cheh cheh wo, so she knows Mommy has to take care of mei mei :)

A Mom's Diary said...

HW - Yiu Yiu is also rather picky, so the repertoire of food that I pack for her is quite limited...I simply just rotate the few things that I know she'll eat.

Angeleyes - if we were neighbours, then we can take turns to wake up late..haha. She normally eats half at school and finish the rest at babysitter's house. Reason being she eats so slow, and I think also coz she kpc everywhere during break time so she normally can't finish in the short 15-min break.

WK - no, she hasn't reached the stage of being embarassed by her parents :-) She's generally easier to manage this year, now that she's a che-che. I normally drop Yan Yan at the babysitter first before sending Yiu Yiu to school, unless we are late for school.

KittyCat said...

My boy has been growing up fast since the girl arrived...sigh. Initially, he hated joining the 4 year old class and wanted to go back to the 'old school' (daycare).

Luckily, the principal and teacher helped to talk to him saying that he's a big kor-kor now, cannot cry. Now, I can drop him off at the gate since the girl is in the car :)

Can't wait till she's bigger then I'll go back to packing nice stuff for him. My mum alternates between hard boiled eggs, half boiled eggs w toast, toast w jam and butter, steamed sweet potato for him.

Other times, I'll pack banana cake, sausage buns (ugh!) or the very, very, very rare Gardenia/High 5 chocolate bun (which he LOVES) :P

Mornings are so crazy now that he has to be in kindy by 8.30 am! Proud of him for being such a good boy but also a bit sad coz he has grown up, know what I mean?

I also want to be your neighbour!!!


A Mom's Diary said...

Kittycat - if I'm running late, she's also cool about just dropping her at the entrance of the kindy. Yeah, she's definitely grown up and easier to handle these days.

Lucas still gets a pretty good variety of stuff to bring to school, so don't feel bad about it. Nowadays, I don't stress myself out too much. If I didn't manage to pack for her, I'll just throw in a box of Koko Krunch, or she'll just eat biscuits at the kindy :-)