July 21, 2009

Bento post #96 – #100

Here's what Yiu Yiu took to school last week:

Monday – flower-shaped Gardenia Butterscotch bread with home-made meatballs and mangoes. The box came back with the meatballs and mangoes untouched.

Tuesday – chicken floss onigiri with butterfly-shaped pear slices. I hadn't bought any seaweed so my onigiri had to do without its "clothings". Haha! As suspected, she finished all three pieces of onigiri, coz she loved chicken floss and white rice. She can just have a full meal of plain white rice, if we don’t insist she eats them with other accompanying dishes.

Wednesday – half a chocolate-flavoured mantou, two sausage man (idea from here), and butterfly-shaped guava slices. I only gave her half a mantou as I knew there's no way she would finish one whole piece, but even then, I was proven wrong!

Wanna see how the bento box came back?

Tell me, how not to be "sakit hati" (heartache)? She just scraped the surface of the mantou and ate one of the button mushroom. The half-eaten sausage was my doing...I took a bite before the thought of taking this photo as evidence struck me.

Thursday – she's been bugging me to cook some macaroni and cheese for her, again, under the influence of Barney shows which she watches during our daily commute. In one particular episode, Baby Bop prepared a picnic of macaroni and cheese for BJ and their friends. So this obliging mummy bought a can of cream sauce and cooked tuna penne (I didn't have macaroni at home) for her. Apparently she didn't eat a single bite, though she finished the watermelon. Should I be more "sakit hati" over this, or over Wednesday's bento?

Friday – Gardenia Butterscotch bread again, this time in the shape of dolphins and a heart, with a flower-shaped hard boiled egg, and orange pieces. The hard-boiled egg, as usual, didn't turn out nice as the egg was too small for the mould so the shape wasn't imprinted well. In the pink bottle is some soya sauce for the egg. She finished the egg and orange, but proclaimed her dislike for the dolphin bread. Can't believe this was my 100th bento box for her!


MeRy said...

Nice bento set....

BuffaFly said...

wow...I'm amazed at you're still at it... are you still gonna do this while in confinement???

jazzmint said...

wah..eh is it because no time to eat and she's slow eater that's why alot leftover?

ryeli said...

hehe, she arranged the guava for u on wednesday's loot.

i still cant believe how rajin u are la...and yiu yiu is also like my rye li, they prefer only white rice! rye li can also eat white porridge just like that. sigh!

wah, next time u have to do this for two girls. i salute you la, working mom and also doing this.

Liew said...

Mmmm now that u r in confinement, how? Still continue wif bento box prep?

Angeleyes said...

I really salute your persistence! if for me I would rather lie in bed and rot till noon! hahahaha

Anonymous said...

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I am a working mom in US and I have 2 kids, older girl just turned 4 and infant girl is 10 months, I feel like life is going on roller coaster ride even with husband's help.
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A Mom's Diary said...

MeRy - thanks

Buffafly/WK - that's a million $$$ question. I think probably not, so she'll have to make do with whatever her papa prepare/buy, or the biscuits from kindy, which I think she kinda prefers to my bento :-(

Jazz - a little bit of everything I guess. And she still asks teacher to give her biscuits, which she'll finish. You say la, sakit hati or not?

Syn - maybe next time I'll just pack white rice for her (evil laughter!) Dunno how long I'll be able to keep doing this, but I guess preparing for two doesn't take much more time compared to one, since I just need to double the quantity.

Angeleyes - mine are much simpler bentos, not as nicely decorated as yours :-) So it doesn't take that much time to fix.

Sumanvi - thanks for your kind words. I have my moments of frustration and desperation as well :-) I guess managing two children will be a whole lot more demanding so lets see if I'm still sane in the next couple of months :-)