July 01, 2009

Weekend outing at Bagan Lalang

It's been some 10 months since we last went to Bagan Lalang and since Yiu Yiu's art class on Saturday was canceled, we decided to make a trip there. We started with a late seafood lunch at Ocean Restaurant at Tanjung Sepat, our regular haunt whenever we go there. It's located just beside the famous Lover's Bridge, so we didn't miss the opportunity to take some shots there as well.

Fishing boats lined up at the river mouth

We then proceeded to the Bagan Lalang Beach, and it was almost 3.30pm then. It was low tide and the beach stretches out as far as the eyes can see. Since there wasn't any water, Yiu Yiu was contented with flying kites and playing with sand. We forgot to bring along her sand toys, and she fussed a little about it, but all is promptly forgotten the moment she sat on the beach and started digging with her bare hands. I didn't quite notice it before but the sand at Bagan Lalang beach is so powdery fine. Hubby practised his photography skills using the Canon 450D, while I was also clicking away with my Olympus compact.

Yiu Yiu busy manouvering her kite, while Papa was busy snapping away

Doing a split in the sand

She finally couldn't resist and asked to walk further out to where patches of water could be seen.

Walking out to the water...see how far the beach stretches out

Finally, I can splash some water

Along the way, we saw so many tiny crabs and snails.

After washing her down with bottles of water that we brought, we left at about 5pm. Next time, we should make a point to go there before noon, when the tide is high so at least she gets to play in the water. Anyway, this will probably be our last family outing as a threesome (not literally though as mum came along) before she has a mei-mei joining her in these outings.


Cynthia said...

YY enjoys herself ya... :) and all the best again in welcoming the 2nd one... :) take care ya...

jazzmint said...

i've heard so much of this place but never been before

Sleepless In KL said...

ya, no matter how much you prepare her mentally now, you can expect some jealousy when mei mei comes.

my suggestion: when the new arrival is sleeping, set aside a few minutes of one-on-one time with yiu yiu. and involve her with the diaper change etc, praising her for being such a good big sister.

good luck!


Ley Mei said...

been to bagan lalang too.. but never notice have this little river sight.. ? where abt is it ?? is ti very near to the beach area ?

A Mom's Diary said...

Cynthia - she always love the beach and sea.

Jazz - make it your destination the next time Mr Hon is back :-)

Mimi - have been trying to spend as much time as I can with her the last couple of weeks, just to manja her but she drives me up the wall :-)

Ley Mei - the river and bridge was at Tanjung Sepat where we had lunch