July 10, 2009

Spending time with cousins

Another thing that Yiu Yiu has been talking about lately is how long it has been since she last went swimming at 大姨姨 (my elder sister) apartment. On Sunday, together with mum, elder sis, and younger sis and her family, we made a trip to Nilai Memorial Park to pay respects to dad.

And when we got back, the whole troop went over to elder sis's apartment for a dip in the pool. The children (Yiu Yiu, Yihao & Xiaoyu) enjoyed themselves tremendously splashing in the water, so much so that they refused to leave the pool even though they were visibly shaking with cold.

Yiu Yiu with 小姨姨, 大姨姨 and Xiaoyu

I love these happy shots of her

The hyperactive threesome skipped their nap that day so by the time we went out for dinner, Yihao and Xiaoyu had knocked off, but my energizer bunny was still going strong, and only finally fell asleep close to her regular bedtime.


BoeyJoey said...

So nice that Yiu Yiu is still taking her afternoon naps... my 4-year-old never have one anymore, and my going-to-be-2-year-old is starting to skip hers! *worried*

A Mom's Diary said...

BoeyJoey - yes, coz she sleeps rather late at night, about 10.30pm and wakes up about 7ish in the morning on school days. Even on weekends, she tends to wake up early too so the afternoon naps make up for her sleep quota.