July 05, 2009

Bento post #86 – #90

Bentos for this week:

Monday – I would normally fry whatever leftover rice accumulated over the week during the weekend, so if Yiu Yiu ever gets a fried rice bento, it would be Monday. Gave her two slices of rose apple for fruits.

Tuesday – mum bought some chicken floss during our trip to Tanjung Sepat/Bagan Lalang last weekend and I was surprised that Yiu Yiu liked them. So I decided to make some chicken floss bread roll for her. It's been some time since I last rolled bread so it turned out rather visually unappealing. At the side were some slices of rose apple. Babysitter said she wasn't interested in the bread, but simply dug out all the chicken floss.

Wednesday – chocolate chip muffin with chicken home-made chicken nugget, a fresh batch I made over the weekend. Still had some rose apples so off they went into her bento box for some vitamins. The box came back with the nuggets untouched, and maybe only one or two slices of rose apple eaten. Rose apple used to be one of her favourite fruit but I noticed that she wasn't very keen on them the last two weeks.

Thursday – she came home the day before with a red bean pau from the babysitter, and said that she wants to bring it to school the next day. So it was a quick steam of the pau in the morning, cut it into half and packed it into the bento box for her. Added two cheesy sausages for protein and guava slices for fruits, both of which came back untouched.

Friday – orange flavoured muffin and home-made fish fingers. Mum gave us some jackfruits, which she loved so packed one piece for her. Save for the jackfruit, the rest came back untouched, yet again.

This week was kind of a record breaking week, coz usually, even if she can't finish the food in school, she'd at least eat them at the babysitter's. But this week, for several days, so many things came home untouched. I'm getting truly disheartened that all my efforts are going down the drain and am seriously contemplating taking a break from packing food for her. I told her several times over the weekend that I won't pack food for her next week but she wasn't too happy about it. So, the million dollar question is – to pack or not to pack?


LittleLamb said...

eerr not related to food post.
Just wanna wish u a safe delivery... is anytime now already?

BoeyJoey said...

Oh, do pack for her... For 1) at least you know what she'll be eating; 2) I think it's a phase that will soon pass?; 3) maybe she's just a picky eater? try to see what she likes...; and 4) keep the bento posts coming; I love kepoh-ing :-)

Liew said...

you know ur doter la............she everything also wants one

A Mom's Diary said...

LittleLamb - my due date is 17 July, so yeah, it can be anytime now.

BoeyJoey - you've got a point, at least I know she gets some nutritious food, than none at all. Thanks for the encouragement.

WK - well, at least she ate what I prepared for her yesterday.