July 16, 2009

Drawing and writing

Yiu Yiu used to doodle a lot, but her drawings were most incomprehensible. Since attending art classes a month ago, I noticed that her drawing has indeed improved quite a bit. Not bad, considering she has only attended maybe four classes. This is a picture of some flowers she drew several days ago. The biggest one is papa flower, followed by mummy flower, Yiu Yiu flower and baby flower.

And this is a sketch of me which she just drew. She said it's a picture of me when I was young, thin and pretty! So does it mean I'm now old, fat and ugly? Ha ha! Pardon the stickers around the picture – she simply grabbed the nearest book, which happened to be her sticker book, and sketched the picture.

She has recently also taken an interest in learning to write her name, an influence from the Barney CD which she watches during the daily journeys to kindy in the morning and back home in the evening. Notice the four boxes beneath her name? Again, one box each for papa, mummy, Yiu Yiu and baby.


Ley Mei said...

where is the art class.. ? wow.. it's a great improvement.. i hope my dotter can draw that well too..

jazzmint said...

eh at least ur mommy drawing got dress to wear, mine all bogel LOL

Liew said...

Wah she is going to be a very good big sis to the bb. Even now, she is constantly thinking of the bb oredi. It's a good sign and hope she will keep it up :).

I din know u look like that when u were young.......LOL

A Mom's Diary said...

Ley Mei - it's near our house, a branch of the Little Da Vinci Creative Kids Art

Jazz - haha, but I only have "sticks" as my hands and legs

WK - I certainly hope she keeps up her enthusiasm and love for her mei-mei when she arrives.

Kit said...

She's such a nice big sister - already has the baby in her heart already!