July 19, 2009

My baking experiment, after umpteenth years

I used to bake and cook a lot when I was younger. Mum was a homemaker until I was in Standard Three, when she had to work to supplement the family's income. So the responsibility of cooking for the family fell on me and my sisters. And I took Domestic Science as a subject for my SRP (the equivalent of PMR now) exam so I learnt cooking, baking, sewing, etc in school from Forms 1 – 3.

As a teenager, I enjoyed trying out new recipes when preparing dinner dishes, and loved to bake during the weekends too. Back then, there was no electric mixer, or rather, we couldn't afford an electric mixer so everything was done by hand. So you can imagine how tedious and how long it took, to manually cream butter and sugar for cakes, prepare dough or batter. But ever since I left home for university, I had not baked a single thing.

Since Yiu Yiu started school, I've been thinking of baking cupcakes, muffins, etc for her bento box. But we didn't have an electric oven until recently. And since there's a comb of over-ripe bananas at home, I decided to bake banana cake. So after my visit to the obstetrician yesterday, I went to shop for baking supplies, and started my project soon after reaching home.

Mashed banana, flour with bicarbonate soda and baking powder, egg, creamed butter and sugar

Ready for the oven

The finished product - looks OK right?

There was extra mixture after I had spooned them into the 12-cavity muffin tray, so I baked the rest in a loaf pan. The results – I ate two slices cut from the cake baked in the loaf pan, and they tasted like, well, banana cake, but were slightly moist. I didn't try any of the cupcakes, but hopefully those would be drier since they were baked with smaller amount of mixture.


Liew said...

The cupcakes look good, hope ur doter will finish them this time. Hope the pep talk yest oso help la.

Kit said...

Hello fellow SRT-er! I loved every aspect of cooking during Form 1-3 and hated all the sewing :P

I think for one of the projects, my Mum helped to fix one of the ghastly blouses we had to sew hahaha

The banana muffins look good!!! If I get to continue my SAHM-ness, will definitely get an oven...

A Mom's Diary said...

WK - at least she ate them while waiting for dinner last Saturday :-)

Kittycat - OMG!!! I thought I was one of the rare species who took SRT, coz many would opt for Perdagangan :-)

I remember sewing and apron, a blouse and a skirt too :-)

Hey, you can get an oven even if you are not a SAHM - can bake during weekends mar.

two pixels photography said...

wahh..1st time baking and looks great leh. Yiu Yiu must have had these for snack time today hehe..

Eh, your SRT class did very well on you, I was the PMR batch and my cooking really kenot pakai LOL

BoeyJoey said...

Looks yummy... we love good banana cakes too :-)

A Mom's Diary said...

Jazz - she did, but as usual, only took little bites of the cupcake :-)

Boey Joey - this recipe was a tad too wet for my liking. I'll try another recipe in future.