July 12, 2009

Bento post #91 – #95

I keep complaining that Yiu Yiu never eats the food I prepare for her at school, preferring instead to have the biscuits given by the kindy, and yet, week after week, I still wake up early to prepare food for her, much to hubby's amusement. So here's what she brought to school this week:

Monday – pan-fried chicken drummets with slices of jackfruit. She finished the jackfruit at school and only nibbled on one of the drummets.

Tuesday – a simple soya sauce noodles with french beans and carrot cut-outs, and the last piece of jackfruit. She told me that she finished the noodles, had the french beans with her lunch at babysitter's but didn't eat the carrots.

Wednesday – two pieces each of potato wedges and chicken nuggets, and some rose apples. In the blue strawberry container is some tomato ketchup. She loves ketchup so I was hoping that the ketchup would be the incentive for her to finish the wedges and nuggets. She did finish the wedges at school, but left the nuggets, complaining that they were hard. I don't quite understand, coz this fresh batch of nuggets were made with minced chicken meat, so they shouldn't turn out hard. Perhaps I had overcooked them?

Thursday – being a little lazy to prepare much, I just stuffed some chicken floss into a pita pocket, and threw in some rose apples. As expected, she dug out the chicken floss, and left the pita bread, complaining that it had turned hard.

Friday – instead of giving her just hard boiled eggs, I thought I'd make an omelette with french beans, carrot and cheesy sausage. She woke up while I was cooking and when she saw the omelette, she immediately said she didn't want them :-( I packed them off for her anyway, with some bear-shaped guava slices, in the hope that she'd at least take a bite or two. But when I checked with the babysitter, again, my efforts were in vain.


Kit said...

Wow, Yiu Yiu loves jackfruit, eh? Lucas can't stand any fruits with a strong smell so mango is out. I gave him a few slices of Indian mangoes but after that he told me very gently (like he's afraid to hurt my feelings! LOL) he doesn't want them.

Lately, he's rejected his favourites too i.e. grapes, apples and bananas.

My visitor brought over some mangosteens and he got excited by the purple skin but when I showed him the white fruit inside, he said, "Wo bu yao!"

Really hard to introduce new things to him...

He'll eat the sweet Beijing peaches, fragrant pears, watermelon and a ripe banana if I feed him.

Strangely, he *loves* prunes and can overdose resulting in diarrhea. I control him to 3 pieces but he'll demand up to 5!

I can't wait to bring him on a local fruit expedition because I think he misses his papaya (the ones here are somehow not as sweet so he'll take them half-heartedly). Hubby loves jackfruit but I hate it so...

Btw, he doesn't mind a cheese-red/yellow capsicum omelette I make but his No. 1 choice are 2 simple hard boiled eggs.

Have you tried simple steamed sweet potato squares? He loves that!

Liew said...

Your gal very stubborn one and has a strong mind of her own

Ley Mei said...

will jackfruit make them have lots of air ??

i 'm repeating to read your menu here, to "copy" some idea for my gals.. as she going to school in 2 mths time.. :)

thanks for great and simple idea.

A Mom's Diary said...

Kittycat - haha, I like the part where he tells you gently he doesn't like the mangoes...you're raising a true gentleman here. YY loves jackfruits and mangoes.

I love jackfruit too, but can't tolerate them. If I eat more than two pieces, I'll get wind in my tummy.

Looks like I may have to just stick to hard boiled eggs for her too.

Steamed sweet potato? That's an idea. Thanks.

WK - why she takes after you ah?

Ley Mei - surprisingly YY can tolerate jackfruit, she doesn't have any problems with them. I, on the other hand, can't take more than two pieces, even though I love jackfruit too. Happy to know these bento posts give you some ideas, coz sometimes I feel paiseh to post, since the bentos are really simple and not beautifully decorated.

ryeli said...

you're very persistent too abt the bento making. perhaps it's also your nesting syndrome?! i'm really impressed with your energy on this really!

btw, no. 2 no sign of coming out yet?! ;)

Liew said...

yeah she takes after the Liew's gene..........;)

BoeyJoey said...

It's difficult sometimes to get kids to eat what we think are good for them, ya? I do feel your pain... HQ has his moods too, one moment he declares peas as his fav vege, after a few days, he shuns them altogether... *fan...

A Mom's Diary said...

Syn - no signs of baby yet. Tomorrow is supposed to be my due date. Persistence? Hehe...perhaps it's just my dogged stubbornness :-)

Boey Joey - what picky eaters we have. I'm always so envious to see other children gobbling down their food happily. No such luck for us :-(

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful bentos! Lucky Yiu Yiu.