July 07, 2009

Quick outing at TTDI park

I thought Bagan Lalang would be our last outing with Yiu Yiu before mei-mei joins the family but turned out, we went for another quick outing at Taman Tun Park last Saturday. It's been a looooong time since we went there and out of the blue, Yiu Yiu said she wants to go to the park to play sand and water. Hubby was having a guys' day out, and since I'd plan to have dinner outside with Yiu Yiu anyway, I obliged.

We arrived pretty late so she only got to play for about 40 minutes before we had to leave as it was getting dark. Anyway, she left the park a happy gal, even though the stream was pretty dry that evening.


Ley Mei said...

I was there too last sunday.. the water was a bit muddy as it rained the night before.. but, it's a nice outing..

Cynful Pleasure said...

you are such a great mum.. at the mere days of welcoming the little precious, you still obliged to YY request! *thumbs up* mummy! :)

Chinneeq said...

isnt this a nice place? how i wish i stay nearby to PJ.

A Mom's Diary said...

Ley Mei - yes, the water was brownish when we were there too.

Cynthia - I've been getting mad at her quite often lately coz she just gets on my nerves so this is to compensate for all the scoldings she got from me :-(

Chinnee - I thought there's a nice park near your place too?