July 18, 2009

Term +1

It's funny how everyone tells me that second birth will normally be early, and I had actually mentally prepared myself for an early birth. However, July 17 had come and gone, and yet, there are still no signs of baby. She's probably too comfy inside the womb and wants to stay on a little longer.

This morning I went to see my obstetrician as he wanted to make sure that there's still adequate amniotic fluid, and that baby is still thriving well. Everyone is still in good order and when he checked my cervix, he asked if I was sure I wasn’t having any contractions yet! Apparently my cervix has effaced. Embarrassingly, I don't quite know how normal labour contractions feel like, as Yiu Yiu was born after an induced labour, as I developed pre-eclampsia and proteinuria towards the last two weeks of pregnancy. I did feel some tightening this morning, but I brushed it off as baby moving vigorously in the limited space of my womb.

Anyway, he booked me for induction of labour next Wednesday – that's the day he performs all his planned deliveries, either via Caesarean or induction - if things are not moving along. However, he is confident he'll see me in the labour ward before Wednesday. I certainly hope so.

For the record, baby weighs 3.4kg from the scan (Yiu Yiu was only 2.5kg at birth), and mummy has put on only 11kg. However, I started at 6kg heavier compared to my first pregnancy. I'm hopeful that with breastfeeding, I'll be able to lose all these excess weight in the next couple of months.


Cynful Pleasure said...

wow.. looking forward for the arrival of the baby.. take care.. :)

Chinneeq said...

actually there is a 2 weeks allowance (before and after) for each pregnancy. but most doctors (and also us mom) are just too worried and not wanting to take risk, therefore induction is done, which is not so nice since we are forcing a "not-ready baby" to come out, sigh....if only i can be as calm as taught by hypnobirthing.

Liew said...

Mmmm like i hv said, somehow i hv this feeling you will go into labour @ nite and i hv to bbsit yiu yiu

OK i will keep my mobile phone on even when i go to bed la

ryeli said...

looks like baby likes mummy's tummy too much. :) can't wait to see her. rest well these few days!

Kit said...

Hey...I was waiting for your sms or post too :)

Everyone's been telling me the same thing too and Hubby and I have formed a plan of the exact time he has to board the plane home!

Enjoy the rest and relax now lor hahaha

A Mom's Diary said...

Cynthia - thanks.

Chinnee - yeah, am aware of the +/- 2 weeks timeline, which is why I have also not fully decided if I really want to be induced this Wed. Maybe wait till next Wed. Both my sister's children were 2 weeks late too :-)

WK - I've not been sleeping well these few nights. Keep waking up at the slightest move as I wanted to know whether it's the baby moving or the contractions coming on.

Syn - yeah, she's too comfy inside. Perhaps we should just let her decide when she is ready to greet us.

Kittycat - haha, whenever I step into the office, people will exclaim "Still here ah, you!" Haha..

Sleepless In KL said...

I know how PAINFUL induced labour can be -- much, much, MUCH worse than normal labour. If the baby's still ok, amniotic fluid sufficient and all, I strongly suggest that you wait just a bit more.

Hijackqueen said...

I've been checking here on and off hoping for some news too. LOL. Baby, fai tit come out!

Angeleyes said...

so, are you still around or popped already????

A Mom's Diary said...

Mimi - yeah, my firstborn was an induced labour too. I had pre-eclampsia and proteinuria towards the end of the pregnancy so no choice then.

Hijackqueen/Angeleyes - she finally decided to come out liao.