February 02, 2009

My new camera…

…is not a dSLR yet.

The product I’m managing did extremely well last year, creating a record of sorts for my company. My boss was kind enough to put up a request for some reward and recognition for the team, and this is what we got – an Olympus FE 330.

Since one of the senior managers in Olympus Malaysia is hubby’s ex-colleague, he managed to help me to upgrade the camera to their latest Olympus mju 1050 SW – I just needed to pay an additional RM350.

This new compact is timely, since I’m getting increasingly disappointed with the quality of photos taken with my faithful 5-year old Olympus mju 410. I experimented with the new camera over the Chinese New Year period and I’m pretty happy with its many functions and settings, though in some aspects, I feel it is still lacking slightly behind my sister’s Canon Ixus 850, which I’ve been using for most of my overseas trips over the last year or two.

As for the dSLR, well, I’m still contemplating, since it’s a huge investment. I’m worried that it may just become a white elephant as I’ll probably underutilise it, since I know next to nothing about photography. The other consideration is whether to get a Canon or Olympus. I’m more inclined towards Canon, since they have one of the best dSLR cameras around, but hubby thinks I should choose Olympus, since he can get it at below retail price, and servicing and spare parts would not be a problem, since he knows people in Olympus. For now, this plan will remain somewhere in the recesses of my mind.

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LittleLamb said...

cool...nice camera...
so more pictures on ur blog soon??