February 24, 2009

Bento post #23 – #28

These were her bentos for last week.

Monday – cheesy sausage sitting atop a slice of circular cheese and carrot. I don’t have a small circle cutter so I used an old scoop from Yiu Yiu’s milk powder. The circles were still slightly bigger than the diameter of the sausages. Added a mini banana muffin for carbo, and some cucumber sticks and mandarin oranges for fruits.

Tuesday – it’s been some time since I gave her some fish fingers so fried some for her. Packed the last mini muffin for her, this time, it was pandan flavoured. Bought some grapes the day before so she’ll be getting grapes for fruits throughout the week.

Wednesday – bought a set of bread cutter from CP few weeks ago so decided to try them out. Made her a simple luncheon meat sandwich and cut them with the three cutters – rabbit, bear and flower. I pressed too hard on the first rabbit so the ear got cut off as well. For fruits, it’s grapes again.

Thursday – Yiu Yiu asked for spaghetti, which was simple – just cook the spaghetti and heat up the frozen sauce. For some colours, added a carrot flower with french beans stem, and a cheese butterfly. Filled up the spaces with what else but grapes.

Friday – another request by the little missy, she wanted some dried noodles. Cooked a noodle cake and tossed the noodles in light and dark soya sauce, oyster sauce and sesame oil. Decorated the noodles with carrot, french beans and cheese on a bed of meat balls.

Monday – this is the only bento she’ll have for this week, coz I left for Hong Kong after fixing her this. It’s meatballs with french beans and carrot, and two small slices of fruit cake. I still have grapes in my fridge so threw them in as well. Hopefully hubby will remember to finish them; otherwise they’ll be rotten by the time I get back.


Anonymous said...

Love your new bread cutters!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Yiu Yiu is going fine with her bento now. It is always good that the little ones start to eat.

Btw, I've done the post on how to do the bunny. :)

A Mom's Diary said...

Asianmommy - the cutter is really quite handy...now just need to find ways to decorate the faces.

Angeleyes - she's still not finishing them :-( Will drop by to learn how to make the bunny soon.

Anonymous said...

wow, its nice that you put so much effort into your daughter's bentos ;-) i'm sure that she's really proud of them

Joan said...

Loves all the cutey cutter shapes... Nice!