February 14, 2009

CNY highlights – Sungai Lembing

As is customary on the third day of CNY, we went to MIL’s ancestral house in Sungai Lembing. The house is now occupied by MIL’s fourth brother, and her many siblings typically congregate at their ancestral house on the third day. The house is located at the end of the Sungai Lembing village beside the hills.

Watching hubby's uncle lighting up some fireworks

I love this shot - Yiu Yiu looks so natural

There’s a small stream right in front of the house. After having a scrumptious lunch prepared by MIL’s SIL, we took Yiu Yiu for a dip in the stream. The water was clean, cool and refreshing, typical of water from the hills.

Hubby’s cousin’s three children (MIL brother’s grandchildren) soon joined us in the stream. They had never been to the stream, despite having made numerous trips to visit their grandparents there.

Building an embankment

(Left) Don't move, or I'll shoot. (Right) Nah mummy, take these back as souvenirs

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