February 06, 2009

Bento #16 - #19

These were her bentos for this week.

Monday – took shortcuts and bought her a char siew pau. Completed her light meal with slices of rose apple, bought at the Tapah rest area when coming back from Ipoh on Saturday.

Tuesday – noodles in soya and oyster sauce, decorated with carrot flowers and french beans as stem and leaves. The flower cutter is a bit too big for her bento box, so the flowers looked oversized. At the side are some home made meatballs and butterfly shaped guava, also bought from the Tapah rest area.

Wednesday – got the idea of making this flower pizza bread from here and here. I made two extra pieces for myself but when I ate them in the office, the toasted bread had turned “rubbery”. I knew in that instance that Yiu Yiu would not eat hers and true enough, the babysitter said she only dug out the fillings and ate them. I used the sausage cutter I got from Chooi Peng to cut the sausages into fish and penguin but they didn’t turn out nice. Not sure what I did wrong. In the silicon cup are slices of rose apple.

Thursday – a simple bento which didn’t take too long to prepare. Just had to cut the almond brownie into three small pieces and fried some chicken nuggets. At the side are guava slices in the shape of bear.

There’ll be no bento today as hubby and I will be leaving for a short trip in a short while. In fact, Yiu Yiu spent the night at the babysitter’s yesterday, and will be there until we come back on Tuesday.


Liew said...

Eh Yiu Yiu has to eat whatever food kindy provide today?

Anyway, she normally oso doesn't finish the food you packed rite?

Anonymous said...

Wah, your bento getting better wor. Keep up!

Lee said...

Beautiful Bentos....Where you learn to make them? They're really fantastic....bet the kids can't wait for lunch.

Can make me one? Ha ha.
Have a great week and keep well, Lee.

Mummy Moon said...

Hi, can share for the steps to make the filling for flower pizza? Thanks

A Mom's Diary said...

WK - dunno whether the babysitter packed any food for her. I think she'd have given her some bread.

Hijackqueen - still far from your standard leh.

Uncle Lee - many blogger mummies are into bentoing too, so I learn from them. Will make you one when you come to M'sia one day.

Mummy Moon - haha...I just see what I have in the fridge, cut them up, and add some mayo and ketchup. In this instance, I used sausages, carrots and french beans.

Anonymous said...

Wah.. char siew pao also can be bento-ed.. clever you.

BuffaFly said...

I asked my son if he has a girl in his class who brings cute food to school everyday. He said to me, "How about you also pack food like that for me?"

Goodness....I just told him that egg in whatever shape will still taste just as yummy :-)

A Mom's Diary said...

Zara's mama - one of my lazy bentos...haha.

Buffafly - what to do, I'm hoping that the nice looking food would entice her to eat more.