February 18, 2009

Bento post #20 – #22

I only prepared three bentos for Yiu Yiu last week as I only got back on Tuesday after a short trip.

Wednesday – Yiu Yiu asked for char siew pau the night before so today’s bento was yet another simple one. Bought the char siew pau the night before and just steamed it in the morning. Added some colours by giving her two pieces of checkered apples.

Thurday – Yiu Yiu asked for burger some time back so I made some pork patties and was looking for small plain buns as the regular size burger buns would be way too huge for her. The lunch that was served on board on my return flight had a bun that was just the right size so I finally got the chance to fix her a burger. I still had some guava left so cut up some in bear shape for her. The gap in the bento box would have been just right for some fries but I had none so the box looked rather empty. Anyway, babysitter reported that she didn’t touch the burger at all at school. She ate up the upper bun when she got back to the babysitter’s house but left the rest untouched. Anyway, the lower bun had turned soggy due to the tomato slice so perhaps it could have been better if I had sandwiched the tomato slice between the patty and cheese. Another attempt down the drain.

Friday – another lazy bento with cut up fruit cake, some fish fingers and the last of the guava in my frigde in the shape of butterfly.


Anonymous said...

curious, how to make a checkered apple ?? this sounds creative to make a child eat the fruit. :D

Anonymous said...

Yiu-yiu seems to be a really small eater... where she gets her energy from??

A Mom's Diary said...

Cendrine - thanks for dropping by. I got this idea from another bento mummy. Just make vertical and horizontal lines across the apple and peel off the skin from the little squares one by one. It's time consuming but makes a great visual.

Angeleyes - imagine she can't even finish those tiny portions of food in school, always have leftovers to take back to babysitter's home. I so envy the amount of food that Darrius eats.