February 16, 2009

CNY highlights – Playing with sparklers

We left Kuantan for Ipoh on the fourth day of CNY, back to my parents’ home. Even though mum now stays with younger sister in Puchong, we decided to still keep the house in Ipoh, as mum is still much attached to the house. We still go back at least once in two months, to visit my aunts and also to feast on Ipoh goodies and white coffee.

Anyway, when we reached home, elder sister brought out a plastic bag containing some sparklers and two other types of fireworks (after some googling, I learned that those are called conic fountain and roman candles). I was so thrilled to see them as I had wanted to buy some sparklers and fireworks for Yiu Yiu after she had so much fun playing with Pop Pop Snappers (those mini balls that make a pop sound when thrown to the ground) with hubby’s cousin’s children in Sungai Lembing.

Pop Pop Snapper

One of my most vivid memories of celebrating CNY as a child was the fun of playing with sparklers and fireworks and I figured there’s really no harm in letting her have some childhood thrills, under strict supervision. However, we couldn’t find any fireworks seller in Sungai Lembing or Kuantan; I suppose they are a rare breed now with the ban on firecrackers and fireworks.

I don’t think Yiu Yiu had any experience playing with sparklers so she was pretty excited throughout dinner. We ate out and when we adults lingered after dinner for a chat, she kept hurrying us to go home, saying she wanted to play with fireworks. Here are some shots of Yiu Yiu having fun with the sparklers.

These things don’t come cheap now – I remember buying the King Kong brand of sparklers those days for only 20 cents per pack of 10, but the one that sis bought cost RM1 per pack of only 8. But what the heck, CNY only comes by once a year and it’s priceless seeing her excited and happy face.


Liew said...

Yep the kids really had fun didn't they? We also had fun watching the kids playing :).

OK next year I buy more - quantity and variety, provided I can still find them

Chinneeq said...

love your photos. i always cannot catch my girl playing fireworks in dark, although i wish to...

Angeleyes said...

This year I did not let Darrius play even a single sparkler. Not even the pop-pop! I'm a lousy mom! :P

jazzmint said...

wahh..ur sis manage to get those cones...we only got sparklers and pop pop

A Mom's Diary said...

WK - yeah, next year go buy early early and buy more...hehehe.

Chinnee - these shots were among the first few shots taken with my new compact, Olympus mju1050.

Angeleyes/Jazz - it never occurred to me to look for them earlier. Luckily my sister bought some.