January 31, 2009

Bento #11 - #15

These were her bentos for the 3rd week of school. We left KL for Kuantan for the Chinese New Year break last Friday and I had forgotten to bring with me the cable for downloading these photos from my camera. So these photos had to wait till we got back to KL.

Monday – french toast in the shape of dolphin and heart, chicken nuggets and pear in the shape of butterfly and fish.

Tuesday – skewers of white bread with cheesy sausage, and pear in four different shapes of butterfly, fish, bear and rabbit. Yiu Yiu didn’t touch the bread and sausage, and only managed to finish the pear slices while in school. Everytime I asked why she didn’t finish her food at school, she’ll not fail to give me this excuse, “Teacher Esther says KEEP.” She’s generally a slow eater and I suspect she’s too busy being kaypohchee when it’s time to eat. And since their break time is only 30 minutes, she cannot finish her food when the time is up.

Wednesday – Yiu Yiu brought back two pieces of potato bread from the babysitter yesterday and since I was a little disheartened by my unappreciatiative audience, I just packed one piece of the bread, together with some fish fingers for her. At the side were some guava slices. All my fancy cutters were too big for this small seedless guava so I ended up using only a simple round cutter. The small bits and pieces of guava were cut by my little kaypohchee, using several really itsy bitsy cutters in various shapes.

Thursday – potato bread again, with a heart shaped hard boiled egg for protein. The bento box wasn’t wide enough so the heart was a little squashed. I followed this veteran bento packer’s tips and kept stirring the egg while cooking so the yolk stayed in the centre, unlike the previous time when the yolk sank to one side. In the pink bottle was some soya sauce to go with the egg, and guava slices in the shape of bear. There were again some itsy bitsy pieces, handiwork of little miss kaypohchee.

Friday – I didn’t want to stock up on food in my fridge since we would be away for the Chinese New Year break, I just prepared some spaghetti bolognese, using my frozen bolognese sauce. Gave her some peeled grapes but she wanted to use the itsy bitsy cutters again so I had to oblige and gave her some guava to work on.

Kindy will be starting again next week, and I’m contemplating whether to still pack her food for school, since she almost always doesn’t eat them at school. Maybe I should just take shortcuts and pack her off to school with breads/buns/pastries from the local bakeries.


Liew said...

Ha so fast gave up? Maybe you shld just reduce the variety and amt of food coz you know she will not be able to finish them.

LittleLamb said...

Perhaps u can pack less food...
Do continue the bento-ing. I'm sure Yiu Yiu appreciates it.

Anonymous said...

Nice lunches! The heart-shaped egg is so cute.

A Mom's Diary said...

WK - it's more like she never eats them at school

LittleLamb - yeah, she likes the bentos. When I told her I'll stop packing bentos for her since she never eats them at school, she refuses.

Asianmommy - thanks, things mummies do to make their kids eat.