January 15, 2009

Short weekend trip to Singapore – Part 1

We went to Singapore during the long weekend of Awal Muharram in December. We drove there early on Saturday morning, and reached the hotel at about 1pm. While checking in, we saw hubby’s cousin who happened to be there with his family for lunch. We chatted for a while and by the time we went out for lunch, it was almost 2pm. After lunch, we made our away to the cable car station to Sentosa – big mistake, the queue was so long and we had to wait for more than one hour before our turn came. When we reached Sentosa Island, we realized that we made an even bigger mistake going there on a weekend – that little island was simply swamped with people.

Our main objective was to visit the Underwater World. Needless to say, the queue for the shuttle bus, and the queue for tickets into the Underwater World was extremely long.

The ticket for the Underwater World comes with a complimentary admission into the Dolphin Lagoon but by the time we got our tickets, it was already 5pm and last admission into the Dolphin Lagoon was 5.30pm. As it is situated at another side of the island, we would need to take another shuttle bus to get there, which would be impossible given the long queues for the buses, so we decided to just forego the Dolphin Lagoon. The Underwater World was so crowded and it was pretty difficult to get a good look at the exhibits, but Yiu Yiu was excited nonetheless to see so many fishes and other marine creatures.

We had wanted to watch the Laser and Light Show as well but the once free show has been rebranded as Songs of the Sea and costs SGD8 per person. Even then, we were told that the tickets for both shows that night were all sold out. Left with nothing else to do and see, we decided to leave, and wasted another hour queueing for the cable car.
We had dinner at VivoCity, Singapore’s largest shopping complex at the base of the cable car station. After that, we went to Daiso and I managed to buy some bento tools and hubby, some household products not available in KL.


EmbraceEachExperience said...

interesting stuff...I lived in Singapore when I was a kid...can't believe things have changed so much there.

jazzmint said...

wah the jelly fish vy nice

A Mom's Diary said...

MuslimMommy - land reclamation and developments have been very intense, haven't they?

Jazz - the pix next to the jellyfish is even more interesting. It's a seadragon (I think) but it looks very much like a plant.