January 11, 2009

Bento #1 - #5

This week being Yiu Yiu’s first week at school, I was pretty gung-ho about packing food for her. This whole week, school dismissed at 10.30am, rather to the usual 11.45am, just to help the new students ease into kindy life. As such, break time was rather early, between 9.15 – 9.45am. I’m not sure if it’s due to the early break time, but Yiu Yiu never finished her food at school. She’s probably also too distracted to eat at school, being the kay poh chee that she is. During the two days I was at school, I noticed that she kept looking around at her classmates and only nibbled at her food. She always brought back the almost intact bento to the babysitter’s house, but at least she’ll still finish the food there.

Here are her bentos for the week.

Monday – fried rice with rose apple. I fried some rice the night before and in the morning, simply heat them up in the microwave before packing them in her Barney box. She had some rose apple for fruits.

Tuesday – cheese sandwich rolled up and secured with food picks, homemade chicken nuggets and rose apple. I made a batch of chicken nuggets last week and put them in the freezer for quick frying during weekday mornings. She loved the flower baran divider and kept asking me to put the flowers the following days.

Wednesday – skewer of plain bread rolled up with chicken luncheon meat and cherry tomato. I used plain bread coz Yiu Yiu removed every single piece of cheese from her cheese sandwich roll yesterday. I don’t why coz she would normally eat her cheese slice. At the side in the silicon cup are some homemade fish fingers. Similarly, I made a whole batch of fish fingers and put them in the freezer. Babysitter told me she refused to eat the cherry tomato, so that’s one less variant of veggie/fruit that I can give her.

Thursday – plain bread cut into dolphin and heart shape, with two boiled cheese cocktail sausages for protein and guave cut into the shape of butterfly. The two oval shaped guava slices were supposed to be fishes but the guava slices were too small that the fish tails were cut off.

Friday – chicken pie cut into two halves with guava slices in the shape of a bear (but Yiu Yiu said it’s Mickey Mouse) and again, fishes without their tails :-)

If there's any veteran bento mummies reading this, I'd appreciate any comments and pointers on how to improve on them - be it in terms of presentation, or food selection.

I’ve been thinking of what to pack for her next week, and I’d imagine that there will be lots of repeats of her bentos this week.


LittleLamb said...

I'm glad that Yiu yiu has settled down at the kindy :)

Unknown said...

That is why you don't see me posting up my 3y/o bento cos she eat less than Yiu Yiu. CAn you imagine!

jazzmint said...

wow..u have time for all these, somemore no maid. salute u lah...i really dunno where to hide my face. i hope faythe don't see yiu yiu's lunchbox, if not she sure ask me why she got no mickey bread LOL

Anonymous said...

Love your butterfly & bear shapes!

A Mom's Diary said...

Little Lamb - yup, I'm glad she has settled in well.

Jessie - haha, at least you also pack for your two elder kids, so can prepare the same thing. I crack my head having to prepare so little food for YY alone.

Jazz - don't la say liddat. You've got a lot more to handle, with Mr Hon being away.

Asianmommy - have to do all this to entice my small eater to finish her food.

Liew said...

How's ur Bento packing going for W2? Repeating stuff from W1 yet?

Anonymous said...

wow! so rajin lah you!

here's a fantastic page overflowing with bento ideas: http://lunchinabox.net/

A Mom's Diary said...

WK - you see my Bento Post #2 la.

Mimi - have that website in my bookmark, but haven't really gone in and explore.