January 06, 2009

Second day at school

Everything went so well at kindy today. After settling Yiu Yiu down to some building blocks in her class, I told her that I’ll be leaving for a short while, and would come back later. I told her to follow teacher’s instructions to wash hand, eat her snacks, sing songs, etc. She was fine and even joked with me not to forget to look for her when I came back later. When informed her that I’d leave, she happily said, “OK, bye. See you later.”

Busying herself with the building blocks

I went out to have my breakfast, with the intention of going back in before her break time. However, they had their break slightly earlier today and by the time I went back, break time was almost over. The food that I packed for her was almost untouched but she quickly closed her container saying, “I’ll eat at Auntie Yoke Ling house later. Now I want to sing.” She also said that she joined the line to the washroom to wash her hands before the break. This lady, whose son Joseph is in the same class with Yiu Yiu told me that she behaved really well while I was away.

Shhh! Listen to the teacher

Yes yes, I want I want

Smile mummy, you are on my candid bean bag camera

She participated enthusiastically in her class activities after that – singing and dancing along with the teachers, and responding excitedly to questions. As she was sitting at the back of the class today, she even made her way to the front when the teacher offered to let them touch a hand puppet. As with yesterday, she also participated eagerly in the common singing and dancing session just before school dismissal. I let her follow the teacher’s lead to the transporter van during dismissal and left to get my car.

That's all the five girls in her class of 17. Faythe, Jazzmint's daughter, is behind Yiu Yiu

I’m really happy with her progress today, and hope that this isn’t just a flash in the pan. Tomorrow will be the last day that parents can accompany their child in school, but I won’t be there as I have to conduct a meeting in Holiday Inn, Glenmarie. Hubby is still undecided whether to just drop her in school and leave, or wait till her class finishes.


Liew said...

She looks so small around other kids but she looks very happy and enjoying her time at kindy :)

Anonymous said...

she's adjusting very well! that's great! my twins still have their 'tak nak school, nak mama' moments after all this time.

hey congrats! yiu yiu's going to be a big sister soon!!! :D

Anonymous said...

How fun! Looks like she's enjoying kindy.

Anonymous said...

I am trying to put this in the nicest way so that I won't hurt anyone.

errr... is Faythe consider tall for her age?

LittleLamb said...

I believed she has adjusted well to the school... no more worries..

jazzmint said...

she's adjusting very well as a newbie.

no wander didn't see u 2nd day, u went makan LOL

A Mom's Diary said...

WK - she must be the smallest in her class but surprise surprise, there's another girl in the next class who's smaller than her.

Mimi - thanks Mimi, she's pretty excited about the baby. And I'm glad she's adjusting well to school.

Asianmommy & LittleLamb - yup, after the slightly shaky situation on the first day.

Hijackqueen - hahaha...I think it's more like Yiu Yiu is short for her age. But in that photo, she was actually bending her knees. She probably reaches Faythe's earlobes when standing upright.

A Mom's Diary said...

Jazz - yeah, thought it may be better if she didn't see me. I went back in about 9.30am, didn't see you?