January 19, 2009

Bento #6 - #10

These were her bentos for last week.

Monday – bread coated with egg and panfried, chicken nuggets and peeled grapes.

Tuesday – spaghetti blognese with peeled grapes. I made a batch of the spaghetti sauce and freeze them so in the morning, I had only needed to cook the spaghetti and warm up the sauce.

Wednesday – hard boiled egg in the shape of a flower. It was my first attempt at using the egg mould so it didn’t turn out very nice. The yolk was way too near to the side. In the pink bottle was some soya sauce to go with the egg. I also introduced peanut butter sandwich (in the shape of bear and butterfly) but her verdict was, “I don’t like it mummy.” In the silicon cup was some oranges cut in cubes.

Thursday – I tried to be adventurous again and made some banana pancakes for her. It was my first time trying out the recipe and the batter turned out too watery as I had poured in too much milk. I used a flower shaped pan to fry them and as it was my first time using the pan, I didn’t quite know how to turn the pancake over so they turned out looking quite ugly. At the side were some fish fingers and oranges.

When I got home, I asked her,
Mummy: How was the pancake today?
Yiu Yiu: Yucky! No need to make pancake for me again lah, mummy.
Mummy didn’t know what to say liao!

Friday – chicken luncheon meat sandwich rolled up, with skewers of orange pieces and grapes. She only ate one piece of the sandwich, and left the others untouched, including the fruits, which she normally likes. Babysitter told me she came back with some biscuits in the food container, and finished those biscuits while at her house. Sigh! Looks like she prefers her kindy’s biscuits to her “wake-up-early-in-the-morning-and-rush-like-a-mad-woman” lovingly prepared home cooked food.

3/5 not nice or untouched, according to my picky eater. So last week's bentos were a resounding failure. :-)


Liew said...

Oh well.........you know la, your doter very picky one and she oso has a very strong mind of her own one.

Well at least she still eats and din ask you to stop completely ;)

Anonymous said...

1) Star egg mould. When you cook the egg, have to keep on stiring so that the yolk will sit on the centre. if you just leave them boiling in the water, the egg yolk will sink.

2) Pancake. I like to use Pilsburg's brand but not banana flavour la. When you used the pan, first frying you put some butter. Subsequently, you don't need any butter at all. That way, your pancake will brown evenly and not patchy. Pack her some maple syrup. I am sure Yiu yiu will love sweet stuff.

jazzmint said...

wahh..vy nice leh.. u know what, i got ask my girl, eh ur class got this girl girl everyday bring nice nice food to school, u want or not LOL...and she say ya nice...see lah me asking for trouble

Anonymous said...

Your bento looks beautiful and delicious! I am Libby, do visit my blog when you are free :)

A Mom's Diary said...

WK - that's the point, she loves all the decorations and shapes, so at least she'll still want to eat.

Hijackqueen - thanks for the tips
1) Hehe...you are right. I just left the egg boiling and went about doing other things. OK, cannot be lazy and must stir.

2) I followed a simple recipe, mixing my own flour. Hubby did comment that I should have used butter after he saw the ugly looking pancakes - shy only, dia pun tau :-)

Jazz - hehe...I just do very simple things. Cut out fruits/bread in different shapes and decorate a bit. Try la - you are so creative, I'm sure your bentos will turn out much much nicer.

Libby - thanks, that's some encouragement :-)

BuffaFly said...

I'm so impressed until speechless la.... how early do you get up?
I'm like a mad woman every morning just trying to get my son out of bed, drink his milk, eat breakfast and be out of the house by 8 or 8.05am latest. and by that time, I haven't even had time to brush my teeth or comb my hair.