February 01, 2010

Bento post #108 – #113

Yiu Yiu started her 2nd year kindy on January 11, the second week of the year. The timing is rather odd coz she's now a senior…haha. The first week of school was only attended by newbies as the kindy needed extra teachers to help the new students familiarize themselves with the school.

Anyway, she's been schooling for three weeks now, and I've resumed packing food for her, and that means waking up at 6.20am daily – barely enough time for me to prepare the bentos, nurse Yan Yan and tandem pump, wake Yiu Yiu up and get her ready for school, before rushing out the door by 8am. On the days that I woke up late or was rushing, she'd just go to school with some boxed cereals or nothing at all.

Anyway, here' what's I prepared for her in the first two weeks.

Pan fried chicken drummet with banana muffin and guava

Penne with bolognese sauce and checkered apples

Chicken nuggets with potota wedges, and apples. I was late on this day so I just peeled the skin off the apple instead of carving out the checkered skin.

Pan fried chicken drummet (again) with guava

Chocolate flavoured mantou with meatballs and pears cut into the shape of butterfly

Grilled cheesy sausage wrapped in roti canai and watermelon


smallkucing said...

Once again tabik! really have the heart and patient.

ryeli said...

respect! u still have the time to do this?!!! hey, aren't u affected by the traffic when u leave at 8am? I need to leave by 7-45am daily and that also affected by traffic already. march onwards i need to leave b4 7-30am as ryeli starts school at 8am! :(

Inspired Momx1 said...

I don't pack lunch box for my son who is in std 1 now. I cater food from the canteen and he likes it!

A Mom's Diary said...

smallkucing/Inspired Mom - what to do? If her kindy serves better food, I wouldn't have to do this :-)

Syn - I have to take shortcuts and make illegal turns...haha. If not, wouldn't reach her kindy on time at 8.30am.