January 29, 2010

Yan Yan – 6th month update

When we visited the paediatrician early this month for her 5th month jabs, her vital stats were as follows: weight 7.2 kg, length 68.9 cm and head circumference 42 cm.

She hasn't mastered the skills for crawling yet but she's been getting herself around over the last few weeks by creeping like a caterpillar – from a position of being on all fours with her body parallel to the floor, she would move her hands forward (thus extending her body and lunging forward), before dragging her feet forward. When lying on her stomach, she can also push her body up with her arms into a semi-sitting position, though she can't sit just yet.

She still puts everything that she grabs into her mouth, so I'm limiting the toys that I leave around her, and try to keep them clean. She didn’t like the teething ring previously, coz she can't get a good grip of it and it keeps falling off. But since she's getting better at holding smaller things in her hands, she's quite happy gnawing on it now.

Emotionally, she's starting to show her preference for me compared to hubby. Even when hubby carries her, she needs me to be in her view. Several times, as I move from the living room to the kitchen, her eyes would be trained on me and as I moved out of her sight, she'd purse her lips, and start to cry. She used to be extremely well behaved in the car but has started to wail on our daily journey home. Sometimes, she'd quiet down when her che-che makes funny faces/noises to her but sometimes, nothing seems to work to calm her down. Once it got so bad that I had to stop my car mid-way and carried her out from the car to pacify her.

She had her first taste of solid several days before turning 6 months. We were having watermelon and she kept eyeing the fruit so we let her suck on a small piece.

I started her on organic rice cereal last Saturday and she loved it. She eagerly opened her mouth and would shout out loud when I drew the spoon away to take another scoop. So impatient…haha!!

It's yummy, mummy.

Do you want a bite, too?

She's still taking only one solid meal daily but I'll be asking the babysitter to increase to two feeds. She's still on full breastmilk, and it's getting difficult to nurse her now as the little busybody would unlatch and turn her head towards any noise.

She loves to babble, and can sometime babbles non-stop, and her che-che would say that she's practicing her voice :-) She's showing an extreme curiosity towards computer. Whenever I have the laptop on, or whenever her che-che watches DVD on the laptop, she would never fail to creep over and press the keypads, much to the annoyance of her che-che.


Liew said...

Another kehpochi in the making ;). When she can talk........she will probably hold a debate with her che che

smallkucing said...

I love the 2nd last pic. It's a kodak moment.

I guess, Yan Yan will wanna try every new food that you give her.

Shenny's mommy said...

Yan Yan is very cute...like her curly hair. Is her hair naturally curl?

ryeli said...

i think u know what i'm going to say....her hair!!! so much and i love her curls. :) both your girls seem to have the curls ya, so cute!

wow, she seems to love her food which is good for you. both my girls are fussy eaters and have to struggle with them during meal times! sigh!

i noticed with 2nd babies and so on, most bfg ones will latch off when they hear noises. i always (and still) have this problem with haye li and it gets to me when there's a let down as it gets messy. rye li used to get it from me as she's the one that made the noise. now both of them also will get the scolding. lol!

Jayne said...

What a Cute baby Awww im broody !

A Mom's Diary said...

WK - we'll see :-)

smallkucing - I certainly hope so

Shenny's mommy - thanks for dropping by. Yes, Yan Yan's hair is naturally curly.

Syn - haha, yes, both of them have the curls, though I think Yan Yan's curls are more pronounced.

So far she's still lapping it up at meal times. Hope she continues this way :-) And I know what you mean about the mess when they unlatch during a letdown LOL

Jayne - haha, you serious?

KittyCat said...

Love her curls too!!!

Wow, six months already! I'm counting down too as my girl will be reaching the 3rd month soon.

She's about 4.5 kg now and is just starting to show some roundness in her arms and legs :)

Don't you feel relieved now that she's taking in solids???

Hui-Wearn said...

she's growing so well! her curls are beautiful!

A Mom's Diary said...

Kittycat - I'm happy she's taking to solids really well :-) And I'm counting down to the day I can stop pumping...haha...but that's probably another 6-9 more months to go.

BoeyJoey said...

I love her curls too... and her big round eyes... and her earlobes! Good that she's liking her solids. Kampatei on the milk pumping!