January 02, 2010

Yan Yan – 5th month update

This update is 10 days late, AGAIN :-) I don't know her weight and length as she has not visited the paediatrician for her 5th month jabs, as he's been on leave for the festive season.

She was rolling about on the mattress in the living hall and got herself entangled with the blanket

The major milestone this month is her ability to push herself up on all fours, and rocking back and forth with her body parallel to the floor, skills she needs to prepare her for the more complex task of crawling. Once, I saw her lunging forward two steps, but most of the times, she pushes herself backwards.

Floor exercise

She is now able to reach out and grab an object, and more often than not, will put it into her mouth. She's also a bouncy baby, and when held with her feet balanced on the floor/thighs, she'll bounce up and down non-stop. She used to be able to entertain herself when placed on the bed/mattress by looking around and sucking on her thumb/fist but over the last month, she has wisen up. Nowadays, she'll cry out to be carried whenever she's put down, making it extremely difficult for me to eat/shower when hubby is not around. Most times, I had no choice but to let her cry it out while I grab a quick dinner or steal a quick shower.

She still loves to suck her thumb, and sometimes, even her toes get into her mouth. When we were out at the malls recently, she attracted lots of smiling glances from other shoppers with her thumb and toe sucking acts :-) We introduced the pacifier to her recently but somehow, she doesn't quite get the act of sucking on the pacifier. Maybe we should try harder.

Care for a suck?

She's a friendly baby, and doesn’t mind anyone carrying her. She'll respond to "Yan Yan" or "mei-mei" by turning her head towards the caller, and will giggle and laugh excitedly when people make funny faces at her. She's becoming more attuned to our tone of voice, too. On several occasions when I spoke sharply at her or Yiu Yiu, she'd start to cry. But whenever she's upset, somehow she'll be soothed by her sister singing "Take a seat, climb aboard," a phrase from a nursery rhyme Yiu Yiu learnt at kindy. She also likes to make baby noises.

She was born with a headful of hair, but it is starting to fall off. She now has a bald patch at the back.

She's still on full breastmilk and in a few weeks, it'll be time to introduce solids to her. Sometimes when I tease her by holding out a piece of food to her, she'll respond by inching her head forward and opening her mouth. Haha…looks like I've got a glutton in the making. I hope she’ll be an easier eater compared to her che-che.


Mummy Moon said...

Very cute baby! Like her floor exercise pic :P

ryeli said...

happy new year!

so fast! looks like she's gonna crawl soon like haye li. i feel no.2's usually progress faster physically.

if u didnt show her balding spot, i wouldn't be able to tell from the front. still looks like she has loads of hair.

guess she'll be thumb-sucker like rye li, same thumb too. good luck with the pacifier, i also introduced to rye li too late coz she loved her thumb 2 much by then already.

smallkucing said...

So fast she grow. The photos of her on all four is really priceless!

Kit said...

She's so cute especially the pic where she tries to push herself up LOL

Her hair is really curly ya? Is it normal for hair to fall out in such a huge patch?

Chinneeq said...

i love that 2nd pic! happy new year to you and family :)

A Mom's Diary said...

Mummy Moon/small kucing - I always have this fear that she'll fall flat on her face whenever she does this. Haha.

Syn - Happy New Year to you and family too. Looks like our #2 share lots of similarities :-)

Her hair fall pattern is exactly like Yiu Yiu when Yiu Yiu was small - she also had a bald patch at the back.

Hubby also thinks we introduced the pacifier too late.

Kittycat - yes, her hair is really curly, and most obvious when wet. It's normal for babies to shed hair in the first few months, read here: http://www.babycentre.co.uk/baby/health/hairloss

I'm shedding lots of hair too, and it's scary seeing hair everywhere in the room and bathroom daily. Again, it's common but I'm hoping that it'll stop soon, else I'll end up like Yan Yan. LOL.

Chinnee - Blessed 2010 to you and family too.

LittleLamb said...

Happy New Year & Best Wishes to you.

Happy 5th month old to Yan2. So fast sucking her thumb already ya ;p

Liew said...

She is going to be a very active toddler............she is already very impatient now to crawl, stand. etc.

Love her pose on all four :). We now need to teach her to smile for the camera and not after we took the pix ;)

Anonymous said...

Babies are very adorable when they crawl backwards! :)


beckysmum said...

She has curly hair, so cute!

BoeyJoey said...

Already on fours? That's fast! Bravo Yan Yan *clap clap clap* Soon enough, she'll be crawling!

My kiddos too had blad patches when they're babies; the hair will grow back :-).

I was late in introducing the pacifier too when HQ started sucking his thumb at 2 months old. With QQ, the nurse gave her a pacifier when she was still in the ward! LOL (she had an extended stay :-))

Anonymous said...

she is very cute and very adorable with her jet black hair. love the pic of floor exercise.

A Mom's Diary said...

Little Lamb - Happy 2010 to you and family.

WK - in no time, she'll be able to pose like her sister :-)

MieVee - thanks for dropping by.

Becky's Mum - the curly hair is from her papa.

Boey Joey - Yiu Yiu had bald patches too when she was a baby :-) QQ had an extended stay in the hospital?

Samvitha - thanks for dropping by, and your kind compliments.