January 08, 2010

Conversations with Yiu Yiu – Part 1

One day while we were in my car:
Yiu Yiu: Mummy, who buy your car for you?
Mummy: I bought myself la.
Yiu Yiu: When I grow big and become a doctor, I will buy you a car. Very beautiful one, pink colour one (somehow when she said "very beautiful", I already anticipated that she'd say the car would be pink :-))
Mummy: Ohh…that's nice of you. What about papa?
Yiu Yiu: Yes, I'll buy for papa also.
Mummy: What colour?
Yiu Yiu: Blue…oh no no, red colour.
Mummy: Will you buy us a house to stay also?
Yiu Yiu: No, I will make (build) a house for you all to stay. Very clean one (Huh! Does it mean our house now is dirty??!!)

When I fetched her after her art class one day, we saw Teacher Vivian and Teacher Ken, owners of the art centre, and a couple, leaving the centre, hand-in-hand.
Mummy: Teacher Ken is Teacher Vivian's husband, you know?
Yiu Yiu: Yes, I know.
Mummy: How come you know?
Yiu Yiu: Because they hold hands.
Mummy: Huh? Hold hands must be husband and wife meh? Papa is mummy's husband but we never hold hand also.
Yiu Yiu: Yeah lor, I think they (are) afraid they will fall down la.
Mummy: Haha…


smallkucing said...

Ooo...Pink is her fav colour ah?

Laughing at the part where she says holding hand coz scared fall down...kakaka..

kids can think of all kinds of response :p

Liew said...

LOL she is so cute :)

A Mom's Diary said...

smallkucing - yeah, has always been since she started to recognise colours :-)

WK - at times...haha.

BoeyJoey said...

HQ's fav colour is ever-changing... started with blue, then green, followed by black, then white, now... it's green again... hahaha. QQ's started with orange, and now pink. Yiu Yiu is so loyal :-).

Hold hands cause scared of falling down? Hahaha... so cute!

A Mom's Diary said...

BoeyJoey - kids are so innocent, aren't they :-)