January 19, 2010

Montreal – Stade Olympique & surroundings

The Stade Olympique (Olympic Stadium) was built for the Montreal Olympics in 1976. It now houses five indoor swimming pools which are open to the public. The stadium has a 175m inclined tower at a 45-degree angle, and a funicular ferries visitors to the observation deck where expansive views of the city and the neighboring Laurentian mountains can be seen.

Biodôme de Montréal (foreground) and Stade Olympique tower (background)

Views of the city from the observation deck

Next to the Stade Olympique is Biodôme de Montréal. Originally a velodrome for cycling track for the 1976 Olympics, it is now a tourist attraction with its unique replication of four ecosystems – a tropical rainforest, a Laurentian forest, the St. Lawrence marine system, and a polar environment. I got excited at the polar environment section coz I saw these:

Birds and golden lion tamarin monkey in the tropical rainforest ecosystem

St. Lawrence marine ecosystem

Across the road from the Stade Olympique is Jardin Botanique (Botanical Garden), spread over 75 hectares. Due to time constraints, I didn't really explore the area which has ten large conservatory greenhouses, Chinese and Japanese gardens, an Insectarium and Butterfly House.

Can't get enough of the beautiful colours of fall


two pixels photography said...

wah..the stadium very nice, shape very different :). Eh did you go for a tour or something? Your description is very detail...I'm sure if it's me, I can barely remember half of what that place is for

BoeyJoey said...

The animals are so exotic. i love fall colours too, and the tempreture as well, not too cold and not too hot. You stook some really beautiful pictures :-)

A Mom's Diary said...

Jazz - I jalan-jalan on my own. I hate following tours coz they'll simply rush you from one place to another and you can't choose what you want to see :-) Guide books and travel websites are great resources for me.

BoeyJoey - I went to Stade Olympique and Biodome with several of my guests so the beautiful shots of the animals were courtesy of one of them :-)