January 05, 2010

Nutmeg syrup

I read about how this mummy prepared nutmeg syrup using fresh nutmeg so when we had lunch at the Cecil Street Market Hawker Centre when we were in Penang recently, I tried my luck to scout for fresh nutmeg. We found just one stall selling them and bought all that he had, about 3kg in total.

Following the recipe given, I set out to prepare my own nutmeg syrup.

Fresh nutmegs

Halved nutmeg

The beautiful lacy "mace" aka seed

Nutmeg layered with rock sugar in the slow cooker

I had to cook them in two batches, as my slow cooker couldn't fit all the nutmegs at one go. It was super tiring having to smash the nutmegs, so much so that my right hand was still fatigued the following day, and I couldn't write or do anything that required fine motor skills. Anyway, the syrup turned out fine, and I've been having chilled nutmeg juice when the days are hot. I also tasted fresh nutmeg juice at the Cecil Street Market Hawker Centre, and I prefer this cooked variant.


michelle@mybabybay said...

Yeap I love fresh and boiled nutmeg juice. Fortunately in Penang, we can get it any where. Slurp ~~~

smallkucing said...

Nice too see, nice to hold, once tasted, i cabut lari lor....

Really scared of the nutmeg taste and smell. Maybe i associate it with falling since and rubbing the nutmeg balm on the tummy

But it's good that you have the patient to make fresh nutmeg syrup for your family. No preservative

ryeli said...

wow, respect! u still got time to do this without any additional help at home?!!!

BoeyJoey said...

The nutmeg seeds are really pretty, nice colour. I've never tasted nutmeg syurup before, but it sounds delicious. Will want to try one day :-)

A Mom's Diary said...

Michelle - before this, I didn't even know fresh nutmegs are available :-)

smallkucing - haha, I grew up with nutmeg oil as well, especially for tummy ache.

Syn - when hubby is home to tend to the girls, I can steal some time to do these things.

Boey Joey - I love the bright colour and the lacy appearance of the seeds too.