December 31, 2009

2009 in review

It's time to bid farewell to 2009 – a time to reflect on all that's happened in the past year, to rejoice in the good things that life brought upon us, to learn from mistakes of the past year, and to face the disappointments thrown our way.

We started the year by enrolling Yiu Yiu for the first year of kindy at Juara Cerdik, and I was pleasantly surprised at how well she adapted to kindy. She has definitely learnt a greal deal, and grown more mature, and rounded up her year by bagging the "Best Conduct" award for her class. We also enrolled Yiu Yiu in art and music classes, and she's enjoying herself tremendously in these classes. She's now also talking about ballet classes, motivated by the pretty pink ballet costume she wore for her kindy's year-end party.

With Yiu Yiu in kindy, I started packing bento for her snack time, so that she gets more nutritious food rather than just biscuits given by the kindy. There were really simple bentos, with simple decorations, a long long way away from all the creatively decorated bentos of other mums. However, with the arrival of Yan Yan, I almost completely stopped packing bentos so she only got commercial boxed cereals, bread and cakes, and the occasional home-made muffin/cupcake/fried rice.

The highlight of the year is certainly the birth of Yan Xin. She's such a joyful baby, and her che-che adores her to bits, and will hug and pinch her chubby face, whenever she gets a chance. Caring for two children without any helper at home is no easy task, especially when hubby has meetings/functions to attend in the evenings/weekends. Many a times, I have no choice but to ignore her cries while I grab a quick dinner or steal a quick shower. In any case, I'm thankful that she's a much easier baby compared to Yiu Yiu, else I would probably have gone bonkers!

Work came fast and furious when I resumed work after my maternity leave, but there were moments of enjoyment too, as I got to travel to Montreal. More travels ensued – to Singapore, Bangkok and Kota Kinabalu, all within two months after I got back to work. Travelling while fully breastfeeding is a huge challenge, but something I do willingly for the benefit of Yan Yan.

We also took a short break to Penang as a foursome. Yiu Yiu enjoyed herself tremendously, while hubby and I gorged ourselves silly with the yummylicious Penang hawker fares.

Younger sister moved in to a house few doors away from mine just a couple of days ago, and Yiu Yiu is delighted to have her cousins close by. And as mum stays with her, hopefully she can lend a hand in keeping an eye on my girls should the need arise.

Other noteworthy things that took place in the past year:
- Hubby and I took two holidays this year, one to Hong Kong and Macau, an extension of my business trip, and another to Yogyakarta with mum and MIL.
- One of my blog posts was featured in an online travel guide.
- We decorated one of the rooms with a Princess theme for Yiu Yiu, but unfortunately, the room is left vacant till today as Yiu Yiu is still sharing the King size bed with me and Yan Yan, with hubby relegated to the mattress on the floor.
- I started baking again, after umpteenth years, though only few times this year. I hope to bake more, and perhaps learn some cake decorating as well.
- Took Yiu Yiu for her first visit to the dentist.
- Won some hair clips in my maiden bloggers' contest.
- Sold my old car, and personally handled all procedures for transferring ownership of the car.

Goodbye 2009, and wishing everyone a better and brighter 2010, filled with joy, happiness and excellent health.


michelle@mybabybay said...

Happy New Year!

smallkucing said...

Happy New Year and the foremost a Healthy new year to you and your family :)

A Mom's Diary said...

Thanks Michelle & smallkucing. Blessed 2010 to you and your family too.

BoeyJoey said...

Wow... what an eventful year :-)

It's my first time too running an online contest; glad that you're the winner :-)

A Mom's Diary said...

Boey Joey - thanks once again for the beautiful clips.