December 14, 2009

**Fun-filled weekend**

Mummy must be feeling VERY guilty about not spending enough time with me the last few weeks coz I got to do so many things with her over the weekend.

Yihao and Xiaoyu came over on Friday so mummy and 小姨姨 took us to the playground. We then went for dinner with the whole extended family from mummy's side. Mummy bought a really huge coral trout (七星斑) when she went to Kota Kinabalu for work the weekend before so we took that nice fish to the restaurant to be steamed.

Mummy took me and mei-mei to the park on Saturday evening. It's been ages since we last went so I was really happy coz I get to play water and sand in the stream again after so long.

I spotted an ice-cream man while I was playing in the stream and I couldn't help but ask mummy if I could have one. I was so happy when mummy said she'd buy me one once I'm done playing in the water. And this was how mei-mei kept herself busy while I played in the water.

On Sunday, together with 小姨姨 and Yihao, we went to the National Science Centre to attend an art and creativity workshop by this teacher, organized by Astro TVIQ. He taught us how to be creative in drawing – first to just squiggle, before imagining what the squiggles could be and adding in the details to complete the drawing. We can also start by making dots and randomly connecting them before adding in the details. That way, the end result could be something out of the ordinary. He also taught us to draw portraits with both hands. He's really funny but mummy didn't like it that he kept asking the same few children at the front rows to help him on stage, so many children at the back didn't get a chance to participate. But I got my two seconds of fame coz I just ran out to the stage so he had no choice but to let me draw on the board :-)

Waiting patiently for the workshop to start

See the cameraman filming me? I wonder if the clip will appear on TV?

After the workshop, we walked around the exhibits for a while but I couldn't really understand what they were all about but I had loads of fun in the play area.

When we got back home, mummy again took me and Yihao to the playground.

I was so tired that I slept right after my shower, and didn't even wake up for dinner. I had a really fun weekend; I hope you had a great weekend too.


Liew said...

yeah and this sunday mummy taking you for a holiday :). Enjoy ur holiday

BoeyJoey said...

What a fun-filled weekend! Yiu Yiu looks so happy in the pictures :-).

She just ran up the stage; so brave of her! Furthermore, looks like she's the youngest among other kids... so brave for a small kid :-)

A Mom's Diary said...

Boey Joey - I dunno if she's really the youngest in the crowd, or simply the tiniest :-)