December 27, 2009

Holiday in Penang – Part 2

Monday, December 21
We slept in late and had a leisurely breakfast at the hotel before hitting the pool and beach again.

By the time we got ready to go out, it was already close to 2pm. We headed to the Butterfly Farm and both girls fell asleep in the car so we let them sleep for another 30 minutes or so before waking Yiu Yiu up, and the still sleeping Yan Yan in a sling. The last time I went to the Butterfly Farm was probably with the school trip when I was 12, haha! But I was really impressed with how well kept the farm is.

We caught the Insect and Reptile Show at 3.00pm where visitors can get up close and personal with, well, insects and reptiles. To my utter surprise, Yiu Yiu had no qualms handling the creepy crawlies or the scaly reptiles.

Clockwise from top left: Dead leaf mantis, milipede, moving leaf, monitor lizard, gecko

On the way back, we stopped by Hard Rock Hotel to look see look see. The pool area is totally awesome – kids can easily spend whole day frolicking by the pool. Too bad we couldn't get a room there - I was told that the hotel was fully booked right up till January.

We then headed back to our hotel for more water play at the pool.

Yan Yan was a little afraid of the water when we first put her in the pool

After a little while, she started to enjoy herself tremendously

Water baby

Tuesday, December 22
After breakfast, we hit the beach coz Yiu Yiu wanted to ride on the horse. She had been yelling "Hello" to the man with the horse each time she saw him passing by. We paid RM30 for the 10-minute ride along the beach.

We spent some more time building sandcastles and picking seashells by the beach, before going for a final round of water play in the pool.

First time stepping on sand

After checking out, we headed out to town for lunch, before bidding farewell to Penang. It was a wonderful, relaxing break for our family, and I'm really glad we decided on this last minute trip.


smallkucing said...

Yiu Yiu is so daring.

Mummy Moon said...

nice trips! your two girls enjoyed it very much huh!

ryeli said...

wow, didn't expect yiu-yiu to be so brave. can't say the same for my girls, they freak out at everything that moves!

nice holiday and i guess yan-yan is a born traveller too?! ;)...btw, yiu-yiu looks more like you and yan-yan more like ur hubby.

michelle@mybabybay said...

No food pictures?

BoeyJoey said...

Looks like a very enjoyable trip... so many activities! I love the photo of Yiu Yiu and the horsie. This picture and the ones where she's handling the reptiles will be great mementos for her when she grows up :-)

A Mom's Diary said...

smallkucing/Syn - I didn't expect her to be so daring too.

MummyMoon - yeah, especially Yiu Yiu. I think Yan Yan was in a daze being carried from infant carrier to stroller to sling :-)

Syn - a lot of people comments the same too, that Yiu Yiu looks like me while Yan Yan looks like hubby :-)

Michelle - sure got, but not my pictures :-) See the latest post.

BoeyJoey - this was my first time riding a horse too.