December 02, 2009

Bangkok hotel grouses

I stayed at this hotel when I was in Bangkok the last couple of days. From the outset, things were not going right:

1. Check-in was a pain – the reception took forever to sort out the room. I was checking in with a guest who brought along his wife. And after waiting for 15-20 minutes at the counter, they issued my guest with two rooms – one for him and one for his wife, despite us booking the room ONLY under the male guest's name!

2. When I got into my room, the luggage bench, which is usually placed against the wall, was in an upright position in the bathroom, and the digital weighing scale was out of place. It was obvious that housekeeping forgot to put them back in place after cleaning up. I had to place the luggage bench back to its original place myself, as I couldn't be bothered to call the housekeeping.

3. The bottom of the transparent soap dish at the wash basin had unsightly black stains/spots, giving me an impression of dirtiness whenever I use the soap.

4. The toilet roll was placed in a very odd position, making it difficult to reach while sitting on the throne.

5. I used the complimentary creamer and sugar on the day I checked in, and they were not replenished for the whole three nights I was there.

All these incidences, to me, were just minor discomforts which I could live with, but what annoyed me most was what happened to my breast milk. On the day I checked in, Nov 28, I passed my Fridge2Go bag and Techni Ice sheets to the concierge at 7pm with the instruction to keep them FROZEN. Subsequently, on Nov 29 (7pm) and Nov 30 (2pm), I handed one ziplock bag with four packs of breast milk inside, again, with the instruction to keep them FROZEN. When I want to collect them prior to checking out on the morning of Dec 1, I was kept waiting for almost 30 minutes because they couldn't locate my things. And when they finally found them, everything was NOT FROZEN. I knew that they kept them in the pastry freezer at the coffee house but I don't understand WHY all the things were NOT FROZEN despite having been in the freezer for between 18 to 60 hours. Anyway, since it was only a short 2-hour flight back home, I was cool about it coz I could just pack the breast milk with lots of ice cubes to keep them chilled, and freeze them when I reached home.

Then I realized that they only handed back to me the Fridge2Go bag, Techni Ice sheets and ONE ziplock bag, i.e., another ziplock bag containing four packs of breast milk was missing. They even allowed me into the freezer to search for myself but the bag was nowhere to be found! I was really annoyed but there was nothing much I could do as I was already late leaving to the airport, due to the 30-min wait they subjected me to.

Perhaps it was my mistake for not asking the concierge to write clearly in Thai something like "Breast milk inside. Do not remove" but still, I am utterly disappointed with the hotel.


On a brighter note, when I went to the babysitter to fetch my girls upon my return, I was greeted with lots of hugs and kisses and expressions of "I miss you a lot mummy", "I love you a lot mummy" and "You are my best mummy in the world" from Yiu Yiu. But then, when I reprimanded her for something that night and the next morning, she said, "You are away for so long and I miss you so much. But after you come back you still want to scold me." Aiks!!! Just because she loves me and misses me, I cannot reprimand her? :-)


ryeli said...

oh dear! sorry to hear this - guess my experience over there (my one and only) was a good one compared to yours. i would write to the hotel and complaint if i were u (so that they can improve their service).

so sweet of yiu-yiu to tell you these nice things, makes such a nice welcome home. but her comeback was funny. kids these days really know how to answer us eh. sigh!

smallkucing said...

Or maybe they ran out of milk for their coffee house and used yours :P

Very terrible service. Should write in and complain. . . but based on what you have revealed, it's doubtful that they will take any action. *sigh*

These type of hotel is waiting for close shop la

A Mom's Diary said...

Syn - sigh!!! We just can't tell which hotel will screw things up for us bf mums. Guess next time, I'll ask to see my bag and ice packs after 24 hours, just to be sure they ARE indeed frozen. And YY is really good at laying guilt trips on me these days :-)

smallkucing - haha, you are so funny. I wonder which guest(s) got the funny taste in his/her coffee LOL. I wrote in on the day itself, while waiting to board at Bangkok Airport. Have yet to hear from them, so we shall see.

Linda said...

FIVE star hotel wor... but not so FIVE star service... ckckck..
Did you bribe them (tipping)? If you had and such an irresponsible action still occured, then u should be mad. hehe

5 star hotel, no mini frige in the room meh? they should have a small freezer compartment..

LittleLamb said...

thanks for highlighting this hotel. i shall avoid it. i did thought of staying there cos near shopping...

the last time i went, i stayed in Sofitel.

michelle@mybabybay said...

What hotel is it and what star? You should write to the management about this.

I wonder did the chef mistaken your breastmilk as normal milk for cooking. Opps.

A Mom's Diary said...

Linda - yes, there's a mini-fridge in the room but it doesn't come with freezer. Even if it had, the freezer would be too small.

LittleLamb - the hotel is quite nice actually - tastefully furnished, really good location and the bed was reallllyyyy comfy. Don't know if it's just my luck that all the negative things happened to me.

Michelle - it's 5* leh. And yes, I wrote to the hotel, as well as left a comment on the hotel chain main website on Dec 1 itself but I haven't heard from them yet.

BoeyJoey said...

Like you say, maybe there's communication problems with the staffs.

Yiu Yiu is so sweet to mummy :-), so of course she's disappointed when she got reprimanded by mummy :-)