February 11, 2010

Little snippets of Yiu Yiu

Of sizes
Papa's hand is big, your hand is medium, my hand is small, mei-mei's hand is tiny.

Of keeping pets
Yiu Yiu has been bugging me to buy her a pet.
Yiu Yiu: Mummy, can you buy me a kitten?
Mummy: You want a kitten? OK, but you need to take care of the kitten you know. You have to feed the kitten, and when the kitten poo poo, you have to clean up the poo poo.
Yiu Yiu: Huh?!! Clean up kitten's poo poo. Don't want, so yucky.
Mummy: If you don't want to clean up, then cannot buy lor.
Then few days later,
Yiu Yiu: Mummy, chicken got poo poo or not?
Mummy: Of course.
Yiu Yiu: Huh?!! Like that cannot buy chicken also lor.
Mummy: You want to keep chicken and keep as pet is it?
Yiu Yiu: Yes. But I don't want to clean up chicken poo poo, so cannot buy. Which animal got no poo poo?
Mummy: Haha, all living things got poo poo one.
Yiu Yiu: (Sigh) Like that cannot buy any animal lor.
Hmm…shall I buy her a gold fish and keep it in a bowl, since it's quite low maintenance.

Of traffic jam
We were driving home and Yiu Yiu was enjoying her lollipop. She asked to go to my sister's house to play with her cousins but since I didn't want her to always 过家(go over to another's house), I told her no, and gave the excuse that she only had one lollipop, and Yihao and Xiaoyu may cry if they see her eating one while they don't have.
Yiu Yiu: So after (I) finish lollipop can go or not?
Mummy: We'll talk about it when you finish your lollipop. (Complaining to myself) Aiya, why so jam one?
Yiu Yiu: (Traffic) jam (is) good.
Mummy: Huh? Why jam is good?
Yiu Yiu: Then I can finish my lollipop in the car, and then can go to 小姨姨 (small aunt's) house.

Defending papa
Hubby has been having lots of meetings/entertainment for the last few months, and he's out 2-3 evenings every week, leaving me to tend to the girls alone. One day while driving home…
Yiu Yiu: Papa is at home already ah?
Mummy: No, he's not at home. He's having a meeting again. Every day meeting meeting meeting.
Yiu Yiu: No la, where got every day meeting? Two days only la.

She is getting more inquisitive and curious these days, and loves to ask, "What is…?" whenever we use a word that she doesn’t know.

And here are some recent photos of the cheeky girl, with Yihao:


smallkucing said...

Gong Xi Fatt Chai. Lovely sets of photos :)

BoeyJoey said...

Love this series of photos, especially the second one. Both kids look like great pals :-)

Yiu Yiu is so clever to answer mummy on the lollipop :-)

BoeyJoey said...

Oh, forgot to wish you, Yiu Yiu, Yan Yan and family a very prosperous happy and healthy Chinese New Year!

Hui-Wearn said...

i dun think the goldfish will survive long in a bowl! but yiu yiu will not be able to 'pet' her pet!

Sleepless In KL said...

Kung Hei Fatt Choy to you and your family!

A Mom's Diary said...

smallkucing - Happy CNY to you and family too.

Boey Joey - they are great pals when they don't fight. Haha... I was so amused with the lollipop incidence too :-) Happy CNY to you and family too.

HW - really? I thought we just need to change the water and feed the fish LOL. But yeah, she won't get to pet her pet. Happy CNY to you and family.

Mimi - thanks.

ryeli said...

i am envious that yiu-yiu is alright in wearing pants. lol...rye li only wants to wear dresses now. i'm ok with it except that at times she goes kang-kang in public and i have to warn her. lol.

btw, goldfish needs their tank to be cleaned frequent as they eat and poo alot too.

gong xi fa cai to all of you and have a great tiger year ahead!

A Mom's Diary said...

Syn - Yiu Yiu is not very ladylike and I personally think she looks better in pants :-) So do you think I should get her a goldfish? Haha...

zmm said...

So cute your yiu yiu..

Gold fish also got poo poo.. I remember mine was pooing so much that the water always have to be changed.

Get her a soft toy dog. No maintenance. :P

A Mom's Diary said...

ZMM - haha, gold fish also got poo poo. Yeah, but I think changing the water of a glass bowl will still be much simpler than cleaning up poo of other animals. Anyway, she has stopped asking so I'll just let the matter rest for the time being :-)