December 08, 2010

Weekend at Majestic Melaka

I had to attend an event in Muar and Melaka last Friday and Saturday respectively, and since I was booked to stay at this classic hotel I persuaded hubby to come along with the girls.

Photo from here.

We reached Melaka at about 3pm on Friday, and I left immediately for Muar with my colleagues, leaving hubby to handle the girls alone. They took a walk around the hotel in the evening before going for dinner. When they got back to the hotel, hubby filled the bath tub and the girls had their personal private pool. By the time I got back to Melaka, both had already knocked off.

I had almost the whole day free on Saturday as my event was only at night but the weather was not kind to us – it started raining when we were having our breakfast, just like the last Melaka trip. We went to one of the malls to grab something, tapau lunch for the girls and went back to the hotel as it continued raining the whole day with only intermittent stops. We spent the whole afternoon in the hotel and since we couldn’t hit the pool, the girls got their time in the bath tub yet again.

After breakfast on Sunday, we took some photos in the hotel before making an early departure as hubby had a lunch function back in KL.

BUT why is this post devoid of photos??!! Boohoohoo…when I wanted to choose the photos for posting, I realized THE.FOLDER.WAS.MISSING. I’ve searched high and low in all my drives and Recycle Bin but there was no sign of it. The only possible explanation is that I accidentally deleted the folder permanently when I was done editing them on Sunday night :-( BUMMER!


Small Kucing said...

oh no....that is bad...

Liew said...

1st time your post has not photo!!! Looke like Melaka doesn't really agree with you leh

Chinneeq said...

WAHHHHH!! I jumped upon seeing this post appearing inside my google ready. I have always wanted to see how it looks inside this hotel. How much is per night anyway?

U know , this hotel has got the most beautiful river view especially now that all the malay houses are lighted at night.

Our favourite morning breakfast is at the row of the shop after the river. Kon low there and laksa is among the best in melaka !!

A Mom's Diary said...

smallkucing - yeah, tell me about it :-(

WK - yeah and play don't mix I suppose

Chinnee - aiyo! you must be disappointed when you open the post huh? The interior is really nice and classy, and service was superb, as expected of a YTL hotel. Our room faced the river directly, so we've got magnificent view of the river at night.

The usual rate is almost RM700 per night, but since we had an event there, we got it at a much reduced price.

Eh, next time you go back Melaka, go makan at their restaurant la. Then you can go visit the interior :-)