February 12, 2007

Busy like a bee

The last few weeks have been such a busy period for me. Never since 2003 when I was launching a new product have I been as busy. It has been a non-stop whirlwind of activities both from the domestic and professional front. I have also not been able to log onto my favorite forum MyMomsBest for almost a month now.

On the domestic front, we moved into our new house last Friday. Understandably, the last few weeks were spent chasing after various contractors and vendors to ensure all renovation works are completed on time. We also spent the last weekend packing stuff from our home into boxes. Hubby bought the condo we were staying about seven years ago as a bachelor and I've never quite figured out how he managed to amass so much rubbish, in my eyes anyway! Things from the store room and display cabinet alone filled up almost 15 cartons, gigantic size cartons at that! All in, we carted over 30 gigantic cartons over to the new house, and then some. The fact that we have a lot of giveaway baby stuff which we never used didn't help.

We also went back to Ipoh on Thaipusam holiday to wrap up the marble dining set from my maternal home. Mum has a particular attachment to the dining set and since we only go back to Ipoh once in a while, mum suggested that we bring the dining set over. As she may be moving in with us later, we obliged just to make her happy.

On the work front, I'm again given the task to launch a new product so I've been really caught up with work. And the saying "When it rains, it pours" can't be more apt. Everything seems to happen all at once and every deadline seems to fall at the same time as well. There's a meeting almost every day and by the time I start to work on my daily plan, it's almost evening and I end up staying late in office and still bring work home. I feel like I'm caught in the quicksand and trying desperately to grasp on to some life line.

I anticipate this situation will continue even after Chinese New Year, and I hope I'll have my sanity intact! Speaking of Chinese New Year, I've not even starting my shopping. Looks like Yiu Yiu will have to celebrate Chinese New Year with no pretty dresses.

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jazzmint said...

wahh..u sound like me in office..beating timelines all the wayy